Kelham Press

Kelham Press are three artists with very different approaches, creating unique books and multiples.

There is still time to see their work at the 15th Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair in Leeds.

Deciphered Sermons by Kelham Press

Deciphered Sermons by Kelham Press is a series of artist’s books encouraging and promoting collaboration and intervention.

Deciphered Sermons

Ian MacLeod Brudenell went on to explain the books have been designed to allow contributors to write/draw in the margins, discover new meanings and create a whole new body of work.

For further information contact iainmacb@gmail.com.

HG makes

Further down the line of book stalls I came across Hazel Grainger (HG makes) an artist working with typesetting and block printing.

Lies by HG makes


I was intrigued by a book entitled ‘Lies’, an edition of 8 books constructed from brown envelopes with hidden text, visible only through small obscure ‘peep holes’.

Lies by HG makes


HG makes

Giving away a series of posters, Bately School of Art presented a wide range of books and zines.

Batley School of Art

Batley School of Art

The reverse of their give away posters presents ‘Our Little ol’ Manifesto’ setting out the BA(Hons) Fine Art For Design course aims and objectives.

Batley School of Art


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