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oos2014 2Ouseburn Open Studios 2014 this year has a been a great way to engage the public in a First World War Trench Art & Mail Art project with the visiting public.  Exhibiting the work of local trench art collector Judy Sunter alongside the work of Mail Artists from around the world and the work of young people from Hartlepool has been an engaging and informative opportunity to share the ideas behind the project. The Mail Art on display includes recent work from young people in Ratzeburg, Germany, working alongside Artist Siobhan Tarr.

oos2014 3

The young people in Germany have received Mail Art from young people from Hartlepool exploring aspects of the First World War that have include Trench Art, the bombardment of Hartlepool, the Christmas Truce, women in the war and propaganda posters.

oos2014 4The project will be on show again at the event Hartelpool Remembered: Legacies of the Bombardment 11th December.

Featured Image -- 4286

At this years Ouseburn Open Studios  @ 36 Lime Street  I will be showcasing the artwork and ideas developed over the past year including the current HLF funded First World War project with young people from Hartlepool. For  detailed background and current information  on the project check out WorldWar1TrenchArt.

Courrier de Guerre
Courrier de Guerre

‘Depth of Field’ exhibition in the gallery space at Lime Street draws on the connections and impact photography can have on an artists practice.  For this 36 Lime Street group exhibition  I have referenced photographic techniques using light sensitive photographic processes such as silk screen printing.  This printmaking technique has its  roots in the traditions of photography and allows the artist to transfer artwork into negatives that are then reproduced as multiples.  Inspired by my current HLF funded First World War  project I have used historical photographs taken from the weekly published zine ‘’Illustrieter Kriegs Kurier’’ Illustrated War Mail of 1914. This was a magazine (zine) produced by the Germans in occupied Belgium in 3 languages (German, Dutch and French).  These images have been transformed into silks screen prints, which in turn are used in Mail Art and posted to other Mail Artists around the world. Throughout the two days, visitors can have a go and make their own Christmas in the Trenches Mail Art post card, ready to post to a Mail Artist in Europe. The images are collaged, hand painted and reformed to present a contemporary interpretation.  Inspired by Judy Sunter’s collection of Trench Art, I will also be showing objects from her private collection of Trench Art and two new Chap Books ‘Industrialised Objects’ which references a phrase by expert author of Trench Art publications, Nicholas J Saunders.

Industrialised Objects
Industrialised Objects

Chap Book, ‘Industrialised Objects’ self-commissioned for ‘The Encyclopedia of Everything’  brings together images and text referencing the bombardment of the Hartlepools in 1914 and the carve up of the middle east creating Iran & Iraq.

Also on show and for sale in the studio and throughout the building are a series of hand screenprinted bags illustarted with an original David Lawson photograph of 36 Lime Street, a Grade II listed John Dobson building.  Priced at £3.50 each, all proceeds will be going to the ‘window fund’.  There’ still time to pick up a totally unique pack of hand printed raffle tickets from Hole Editions, Nineteen ticket designs have been letterpress printed by Hole Editions, with only 100 of each design available.

2014-11-20 12.02.20



BALTIC black.jpg

Friday 5 & Saturday 6 December 2014 / 10.00-17.00

Level 1 / FREE

BALTIC becomes a market place of exhibiting and selling book stalls from artists, bookmakers, small press publishers, artist’s groups, zine artists and bookbinders. A programme of talks, workshops and screenings offer exciting opportunities to get involved and learn more about artists’ books. Have a go at traditional book binding or turn your creativity to e-books. This year we have also invited specialist contributions from NewBridge Off-Site, a mobile, interactive pod from NewBridge Books, who will host a platform for discussions around the potentials of small press and digital publishing, and North East Photography Network who will present a range of photographic publications alongside a series of talks to open a critical dialogue around the work on display.


Friday 5 December 2014 / 10.30-13.00 / Level 1

£27 & £22 concessions / BALTIC Members 10% discount / Book:

Stationery bookbinder, Deirdre Thompson will introduce traditional methods of bookbinding that can be used to make notebooks or for binding your own artist’s book, using basic hand tools and looking at resources and materials.


Saturday 6 December 2014 / 10.30-13.00 / Level 1

£27 & £22 concessions / BALTIC Members 10% discount / Book:

Book artist Ruth McCann will guide you through how to make your very own upcycled notebook made from collected and recycled things.  Old envelopes, beer mats, board games, anything and everything you can think of can be repurposed to form the cover and pages of your book, bound together using basic bookbinding techniques that complete beginners will be able to enjoy.  Materials will be provided but you could also bring your own if you have a specific idea.


Saturday 6 December 2014 / 1400-1630 / Level 1

£27 & £22 concessions / BALTIC Members 10% discount / Book:

Led by one of BALTIC’s talented Freelance Artists this hands-on workshop will guide you step by step to create your very own customised e-book. Bring your book to life with text, images, video, music and narration. Learn how to share your book with friends and family. We will provide an iPad and free software, you just need to bring some ideas to get you started.

To see the full programme visit:



Mike Duckett's contribution to Heaton & Byker Stories
Mike Duckett’s contribution to Heaton & Byker Stories
Heaton & Byker Stories Zine #2
Heaton & Byker Stories Zine #2

September has been spent at ‘The Hub’ on Shields Road in Byker, Newcastle part of the Heaton Arts Festival which culminated in the ‘Alternative Miss Heaton’ at the Lord Clyde Pub on Sunday night. Working alongside Cj Reay, fabulous Zine maker and illustrator, we invited participants to recount their Heaton & Byker Stories.  Contributions were made using printing, collage and in Cj’s case, listening to secret conversations at the launch event during the preview opening of ‘Emerging’ artists.  Coming up in November will be the final print & bookmaking workshop for the year.

The Hub on Shields Road: Artwork by theoriginabrew (Wil pictured)
The Hub on Shields Road: Artwork by theoriginabrew (Wil pictured)
Secret conversations
Secret conversations


Saturday 15th November 10-4pm £55

To book your place complete and return the form HERE

Dot to Dot  Above Ground Level based at 42 Richard Stannard House, Bridge Street, Blyth, started 5th August 2014 and will be running until 31st October 2014.  As part of this socially engaged project, I have been on site every Thursday delivering sessions involving Mail Art.  Each day has brought a seperate theme and focus, with ideas inspired by projects published on the International Union of Mail Artists website and the blogger site Mail Art Projects.

mail art blyth1mail art blyth2






mail art blyth3mail art blyth5







Thursday 7th  August Theme: I Dream of……. Exhibition opportunity at Incline Gallery, San Francisco (December 2014), ArTik Freidburg and Civil Academy Berlin, Germany. After the exhibition the artwork will be given away to residents in nursing homes, orphanages and homeless shelters.ww1mailart4ww1mailart2


Thursday 14th August Theme: Resist 100 years of war 1914-2014



Thursday 21st August  Theme: Press and Roll – printmakers making Mail ArtVegas2Jake4Jake3Jake1Cally1





Last session: Thursday 28th August 11-4.30pm Theme: International Collage Push your collage to the limit!  What really represents your area, your town, lets take Blyth across the world to the Ukraine for an international exhibition of collage! What happens to my artwork? You give it away, but join an international movement of Mail Artists



Silk Screen

Print image size 23x23cm

Target is informed by traditional bullseye shooting targets. I have employed the distinctive and repetitive circular form of target sheets into the design and configuration of the printed image.  I have supplanted the traditional circular lines of bullseye shooting targets with books, which become targets, moving in and out of the picture frame.  Areas of the printed paper have been strategically removed, damaging and destabilising the image and exposing the surface behind the print, not usually visible to the viewer.  It is envisioned that as each individual print in the edition (10 in total) is exhibited and displayed, the print will appear distinctive and unique, dependant on the background behind the print and the environment.  The unique presentation of each print acts as a metaphor for the unique character of the lives lost or devastated by the bombing of Al-Mutanabbi Street in 2007.


I have been involved in the ‘al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here’ project since its initiation by Beau Beausoleil in 2009.  During this period the project has allowed me to engage and connect with a diverse group of people from around the world as well as closer to home here in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. Absence & Presence is the third response by creative practitioners to the bombing and devastation of the historic street of book sellers in Baghdad.



2-10 Aug 14

An exhibition at 36 Lime Street Gallery focusing on the work of four artists in response to Ouseburn showing in the gallery and at multiple venues around the valley.

Theresa Easton and the Ouseburn Community Project use household bricks, recycled dress patterns and folded books to reference the Ouseburn Valley’s unique identity. Working with local residents in the inspiring environment of the Ouseburn Farm, the Ouseburn Community Project has unearthed stories of expeditions into the Ouseburn culvert, vanishing street names and the rules & regulations imposed on workers in the industrial valley. Stevie Ronnie is working with Ouseburn-based vintage clothing store Small Change to make a new piece of work that plays with poetry and print. Maggie Walker’s ceramic pieces are the result of a convergence of interests: a reflection on how printmaking techniques might transfer on to clay. Mark-making used in dry point and the images created making collotypes inspired the surface decoration on this moulded white earthenware, which was then slip decorated at the Ouseburn Pottery, for use at Ernest Café-Bar. Also showing Louise Bradley’s linear and colourful screenprinted responses to the Ouseburn Valley’s weeds, a visual response to plants flowering in the first few months of the year on road and path verges and waste ground.


Exhibition is open on Saturdays and Sundays, 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th August 12pm to 4pm or by appointment.

Maggie Walker

Louise Bradley

Theresa Easton









It was great to see some of the designs made during the Ouseburn Community Project recycled into colourful emblems decorating Lime street for the Ouseburn DIY Streets. Part of Ouseburn Futures, Ouseburn DIY Streets has been working with  Sustrans, Xsite Architecture and Roots & Wings to try out proposed road changes during the Festival Weekend using decorative paint, straw bails and much more.


The Ouseburn Community Project culminated in a display of hand made, coloured brick work, embellishing the Ouseburn Farm during the Festival weekend.
















The Ouseburn Community Project is made up of  a number of local residents using print related techniques and processes to to capture aspects to the Ouseburn Valleys character and history.  The project took place over four months and was based at the Ouseburn Farm. Contributing to the International Print Biennale, the bricks will be on display after the festival weekend at 36 Lime Street Gallery August 2 & 3 and 9 & 10.

bricks small 1







Call it City Farm, Byker Farm or more recently Ouseburn Farm…. this exciting location for growing vegetables, managing wild life and looking after farm & domestic animals, as well as offering some fantastic training and learning opportunities has recently played host to the Ouseburn Community Project.  The project is now at the end of its first  stage, the bricks are fired and ready to be installed around the farm ready for the Ouseburn Festival and International Print Biennale.

The last session of the Ouseburn Community Project took place at The Malings, on the East Bank of the Ouseburn.   Setting off on a glorious summers day, we headed down the path to meet David Brown, Senior Project Manager who was to be our guide for the next hour.  Based at Quality Row, the office port-a-cabins are welcoming and tidy, not what you would expect on a building site. It was interesting looking at the plans and trying to make sense of extremely complicated drawings.







David Brown, soon had us off heading down towards the river to look at the building progress and explain the stages of the development.  It was interesting to learn about the system of timber framed buildings and the nature of tying the bricks to the frame.  The bricks used are Ibstock bricks and looked like  Birtley Olde English Buff.
























David Brown explained the unique design of the brick and the fact each brick has its own shape and dimensions, making the brick laying skill particularly specialist.  The bricks are semi-hand made, lending themselves well to the unique quality and design of the Malings development.




The field trip was an excellent way to end the first stage of the project and left participants and myself with plenty of food for thought.

The fired bricks will be out on display around the farm during the Ouseburn Festival , Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th July as part of the International Print Biennale.   The bricks incorporate print inspired designs and have been manipulated and transformed using print type techniques using coloured stains capturing lino cut designs and traditional wooden type.  During the festival weekend at the farm 2-4pm, I will be offering visitors the chance to print their own Ouseburn Farm bag with a design made by one of the many participants of the project.

This years Artists’ Book Market at BALTIC plans to be another exciting two day event showcasing a diverse range of bookmakers, bookbinders, small press publishers, zine makers and comic artists.

M Collective
M Collective

Artist’s Book Market at BALTIC
Friday 5 & Saturday 6 December 2014 / 10.00-17.00 


Deadline for submission: 1 October 2014

Selected applicants will be notified by 8 October 2014

To secure your stall the exhibitors’ fee must be paid by 17 October 2014

Exhibitors’ fee = £60 per table (90 x 180cm)

Download application-form.docx

Further details contact

New for The Late Shows is Theresa Easton’s latest Chap Book, Industrialized Objects.

Industrialized Objects
Industrialized Objects








Theresa Easton in her latest Chap Book ‘Industrialized Objects’ responds to a call out for artists book contributions to the Personal Histories Exhibition coordinated by Robyn Foster, Queensland Australia.   Easton takes the subject of WW1 Trench Art as a narrative to explore using the print mediums of silk screen and photo lithography.  The exhibition planned for October 2014 at the Redland Museum, Queensland, offers infinite possibilities for the artist to interpret and translate into an artist book.

Easton was drawn to the complex narratives presented in Trench Art and the hybrid nature embedded within the objects.  Brass artillery shells were produced in their millions; they represent the defining weapon of WW1.

As countries mark the anniversary in 2014, Easton is interested in looking at the wider social history and teasing out the personal stories hidden in these contradictory objects (Trench Art) which were created as icons of 20th century industrialised war and have evolved into creative hybrids. Trench Art objects become historical documents, illustrating and enshrining the war time lives of its makers, whether munition workers or soldiers.  Industrialized Objects references the brass shells made in factories in Hartlepool and used as defensive weaponry during the towns bombardment in December 2014.  The chap book explores North East history from survival in the trenches to the endurance of life as a conscientious objector in Richmond Castle for those making a stand against war.

Industrialized Objects.jpg3

Size 10.5x15cm Edition: 20

8 pages

Silk Screen & photo litho


Presented as part of The Late Shows 2014

Printmaker, poet, author, artist, theatre director, occasional musician, lecturer and cultural provocateur, John Fox has kindly donated the remaining reproductions of his classic lino cut  series of prints to Artists’ Union England with the hope of raising some much needed funds at this weekends cultural evening event the Lates Shows and launch of Artists Union England in NewcastleGateshead.  The series of 4 lino cut prints will be on sale at the pop up shop @36 Lime Street both Friday & Saturday and from East Street Artist members at Gateshead Old Town Hall Saturday night only.  Also on sale will be original designed and printed AUE bags and badges to celebrate the launch of the first trade union for artists in England since the dissolution of The Artists’ Union in 1984.

Tower of Dreams by John Fox
Tower of Dreams by John Fox













The elements
The elements

John Fox and Sue Gills latest addition to Baycliff is Wildernest a walkabout tidal garden on the west shore of Morecambe Bay, below John and Sue’s wooden eco house on stilts. Somewhat ravaged by a couple of recent storm surges the beach is now recovering, in time to plan the installation of a series of sculptural installations in the coming year – using and celebrating stone, wood, water and wind.


As part of the Liverpool Book Art, I will be exhibiting ‘Two Thousand Insects’ in the form of mini hand printed concertina books.  ”The exhibition will combine examples of early artists’ works and fine bookbinding from the Library’s specialist collection and a range of contemporary artists’ books. We want the exhibition to celebrate excellence and creativity, and to increase interest and appreciation of artists’ books. ”

Two Thousand Insects
Two Thousand Insects








The first major Liverpool Artists’ Book Fair will be held in Liverpool’s spectacular refurbished Central Library on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th July 2014. There will be around 30 tables of artists’ work for sale. Entry for the public is free. Opening Times: Friday 4th July 2014 11.00 – 18.00; Saturday 5th July 10.00 – 17.00

Two Thousand Insects references a quote made in Robert Spence Watson’s ‘The History of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1793-1896).
In his account of the development of the society and library, Watson refers to the Societies growing collection of natural history objects that range from Egyptian mummies, an Australian wombat and two thousand insects. Easton takes this incidental detail in Watsons account and creates a series of folded books containing at least two thousand insects and sets them into a wooden letterpress type tray, referencing the traditional craft of book making.
83x37x5cm  Printed paper & wooden type tray £350

Easton 2

The Ouseburn Community Project is a programme of creative sessions exploring the heritage of the valley and its current unique cultural environment.  Based at the Ouseburn Farm, the project has used research gathered from local resources, such as the farm & Ouseburn Trust and conversations with people who work and used to work in the valley and those that live near by. This research is slowly being transformed into printed ideas and then transferred into creative brick designs.

The Cully - work in progress
The Cully – work in progress








The Ousenurn Culvert, also known to locals as the ‘The Cully’ is here being transformed into a colourful brick design, ready to be fired at Birtley’s Ibstock Brick Factory.

The Cully
The Cully






The farm, its animals, birds and environment is a natural source of inspiration for participants, using plants, weeds and leaves from the fields as images to work from.

Brick work ready to be fired
Brick work ready to be fired
Experimental approach by Andrew
Experimental approach by Andrew
Carving a design into the brick work, with influences from Thomas Bewick
Carving a design into the brick work, with influences from Thomas Bewick
Stained brick clay
Stained brick clay







A trade union for visual and applied artists launches on 1st May as part of International Labour Day. Artists’ Union England will be the first trade union in England for visual and applied artists, since the dissolution of The Artists’ Union in 1984.To celebrate, founding members of Artists’ Union England will be attending the May Day rallies in Newcastle and London.

Artists’ Union England Chair, Newcastle-based artist Angela Kennedy explains, “Artists’ Union England is led by artists for artists. We want to challenge the economic inequalities in the art world by working together to negotiate fair pay and better working conditions for artists. We believe in fair remuneration for labour and are against unpaid labour. Fair and transparent payment for artists is not only ethically desirable, but vital for a sustainable and vibrant art world.”


Artists’ Union England is hosting two launch events, one in London and one in Newcastle. In London on 14th May, will be hosting a formal launch event at the Showroom from 7-9pm, with a presentation from the Chair followed by a panel discussion. In Newcastle, on 16th and 17th May Artists’ Union England founding members will be hosting a series of informal events as part of Newcastle Lates. Please note tickets for the London event are free but must be booked online – please see link below.


Membership is open to professional visual and applied artists. From 1st May there will be a three-month grace period until 1st August 2014 in which there will be no membership fees. All members who join before 1st July will be invited to take part in a collective decision-making process to determine the initial priorities and annual membership fee. The resulting membership fee will be implemented from 1st August 2014.

AUE Trustee, Artist Margareta Kern describes why she believes a trade union for artists is so important. “In my own experience as a cultural worker/artist, I have found that it is often left to the artist to individually negotiate terms of a commission, a public talk, an education workshop, or an exhibition. This makes things appear personal, whereas in fact they are structural. Quite often, art organisations, which are increasingly under pressure to seek funding from private and corporate sources due to government funding cuts, are expecting an artist to work for speculative cultural capital, using the mythology of art (work) as pleasure, to not pay (or poorly pay). It is therefore really important to have a collective body that could represent artists for better and fair working conditions and rates of pay, and that could effect change more broadly across the cultural sector.”

Chris Biddlecombe from the Scottish Artists’ Union says “After 14 years of being the only visual and applied artists’ trade union in Britain, the Scottish Artists’ Union are enthused and encouraged to see this artist group initiate the beginnings of a new trade union that will support and strengthen the position of fellow professional working artists across England. We look forward to discussing with them ways in which we can work together on mutually agreed issues and campaigns.”

The website has been designed by John Hill from LuckyPDF, and is live from 1st May 2014.

More information:

  • Newcastle and London Launch events

  • Becoming a member

  • Founding members

Walbottle Campus Brick Work 2008
Walbottle Campus Brick Work 2008

The Ouseburn Community Project based at the Ouseburn Farm is funded through Newcastle City Learning and offers participants the opportunity to engage in a creative project exploring the Ouseburn Valley, from street names, to wild plants, heritage and husbandry.  Working in partnership with the Ouseburn Farm and exploiting fantastic local resources such as the Ouseburn Trust, Northern Print Studio and 36 Lime street, participants are researching personal and collective interests and transforming these creative ideas into prints and colourful brick work.

work - in -progress
work – in -progress for Walbottle Campus 2008

I first worked with Birtley based Ibstock Brick Factory in 2008.  This short residency allowed me to get to grips with the firing process, work in the factory and experiment with some of the coloured stains.  Drawing on my printmaking experience seemed like a natural direction to explore, I tried screen printing the stains (unsuccessfully), I used lino cuts to make indentations into the wet brick clay and wooden type.  The indentations in the brick clay mirrored a relief printing process, I was therefore able to roll colours over the top of the brick clay.

making bricks2

Working at the Ouseburn Farm is a very different environment to Birtleys Brick Factory.  The brick clay prefers a cold environment to stop it drying out.  The process of carving into it is extremely messy.  The farm however, presents a wealth of information to refer to and incorporate directly into the brick clay itself.


The project is open ended, there is no specific brief other than experimentation, collaboration and community building. Stencil making lends itself  well to transferring design ideas onto wet brick clay.  These stencils also have the potential to feed into a local campaign led by Under the Bridge, Donate a Stencil.

donate a stencil


NCL CitywideNCC Logo Black



Maker Faire 2014 26th & 27th April 2014 Centre for Life, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Learn how to print your thrifty tips into a graphic poster using original wooden type and DIY techniques. Share your re-cycling ideas and transform them into your own hand printed poster. I  will be on hand to guide visitors through a DIY printing experience.

As part of the Spring Salon Sale @36 Lime Street, Sunday 23rd march 10-5pm I will be launching the Community Project at the Ouseburn Farm.   Visitors will have the opportunity to  contribute ideas to the project and make their very own spring bulb print.

Spring Bulbs
Spring Bulbs

I will also be showing and selling a number of hand made print books, including Thrifty Tips, Spring Salon Sale of £10!  Currently on show in Russia, Organised by Mikhail Pogarsky and Book Arts at the Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE Bristol.

Thrifty Tips in Russia
Thrifty Tips in Russia

Venue: the State Historical, Architectural, Art and Landscape Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno, Moscow March 13 – May 18 2014. You can see a film of the work on show HERE

This exhibition brings together a collection of Russian & UK artists books.  Theresa Easton represents the UK with Thrifty Tips just one of the hand bound books collating the Thrifty Tips provided by visitors to the Festival of Thrift, Lingfield Point, Darlington 21st & 22nd September 2013.  Over 27,000 visitors to the weekend event were able to take part in thrifty activities, watch demonstrations and contribute to a thrifty, creative community.  Theresa Easton Kay Henderson spoke to over 200 visitors during the event at the Alternative Village Fete, encouraging printing participation and exchange of thrifty ideas.  Visitors were encouraged to suggest and print their own typographic thrifty tip.

3rd March 7pm-9pm @Somethin’s Brewin Cafe & Bar at Gateshead Old Town Hall

Remembering al mutanabbi 2

Remembering Al-Mutanabbi: A spoken work event, writers respond to the bombing of Baghdad’s ‘Street of Booksellers’

To mark the anniversary of the bombing of Al-Mutanabbi Street in 2007, writers share their work in this evening event in recognition of the value of reading, writing and spoken word.  Specially made for this event, is a hand bound printed zine by Theresa Easton, with cover designed by Jessica Wortley.

Remembering al mutanabbi 1

With thanks to……


Emily Porter


Catherine Graham

Jessica Wortley

Michael McHugh

Chris Metcalfe

Rosie Anderson

Caroline Kemp

Jennifer Wilson

Somethin’s Brewin @GOTH

The Sage, Gateshead

Events happening in different parts of the world……..

Portland Oregon

I will be giving a very brief introduction, Pecha Kucha style, 15 slides, 15 minutes, 1 minute per slide on  the current Mail Art project and will be providing the opportunity for those attending to make their own Mail Art and post it to one of the many contributors to the project, including some Young People at Throston Youth Centre, Hartlepool.

Throston Youth Centre
Throston Youth Centre

March 3rd 7-9pm The Cafe @ Gateshead Old Town Hall

Children buying comics on al-Mutanabbi Street
Children buying comics on al-Mutanabbi Street

An event to mark the anniversary of the bombing of Al-Mutanabbi, a booksellers’ street in Baghdad, which was bombed in 2007.
Readers will share their work in response to the bombing of Baghdad’s ‘Street of Booksellers’ and in recognition of the value of reading, writing and spoken word.

front cover1 copy

Raya 5

Organised by Mikhail Pogarsky and  Book Arts at the Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE Bristol.

Thrifty Tips heading over seas
Thrifty Tips heading over seas

Venue: the State Historical, Architectural, Art and Landscape Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno, Moscow March 13 – May 18 2014.

This exhibition brings together a collection of Russian & UK artists books.  Theresa Easton represents the UK with Thrifty Tips just one of the hand bound books collating the Thrifty Tips provided by visitors to the Festival of Thrift, Lingfield Point, Darlington 21st & 22nd September 2013.  Over 27,000 visitors to the weekend event were able to take part in thrifty activities, watch demonstrations and contribute to a thrifty, creative community.  Theresa Easton & Kay Henderson spoke to over 200 visitors during the event at the Alternative Village Fete, encouraging printing participation and exchange of thrifty ideas.  Visitors were encouraged to suggest and print their own typographic thrifty tip.  The Thrifty book will be exhibited alongside the work of other artists including,

British artists: Angie Butler, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, Barrie Tullett, Charlotte Hall, Christopher Robinson, Craig Atkinson, Elizabeth Willow & David Armes, Guy Begbie, Hazel Grainger, Helen Douglas & Thomas Evans, Jackie Batey, Jeremy Dixon, John Bently, John McDowall, Julie Johnstone, Les Bicknell, Nancy Campbell, Otto, Pauline Lamont-Fisher, Philippa Wood & Tamar MacLellan, Sarah Bodman, seekers of lice, Simon Goode, Simon Le Ruez, Sophie Loss, Stephen Fowler, Susan Johanknecht, Theresa Easton, Tom Sowden.

Russian artists: Nikita Alekseev, Tatiana Antoshina, Vasily Vlasov, Sergei Vorobyov, Viktor Goppe, Emil Guzairov, Aleksander Dzhikiya, Mikhail Dronov, Igor Zadera, Mikhail Karasik, Valery Korchagin, Nikolai Krastchin, Viktor Lukin, Kira Matissen, Valery Orlov, Peter Perevezentsev, Mikhail Pogarsky, Sergei Romashko, Aleksander Savelyev, Dmitry Saenko, Aleksander Svirsky, Vera Khlebnikova, Evelina Schatz, Sergei Shutov, Gunel Yuran, Sergei Yakunin.

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