BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead plays host to an annual & national two day Artists’ Book Market.  Over 40 national and regional artists, bookmakers, small press publishers, artist’s groups, zine artists and bookbinders will be exhibiting and selling their work direct to the public.

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This two day event is FREE and accompanied by a series of artists interventions: James Wilkinson gives a brief history of zine making; Chloe Spicer’s Library Rave has you dancing with books; while  Sunderland’s Foundation Press use their Risograph to create a performance stage;  David Faithfull creates a Palindromic Artists’ Book InterventionNancy  Campbell invites audiences to partake in The Astonishing Polar Tombola; there’s a warm welcome by  Nuclear Family and finally Sound Book Project does exactly what it says on the tin with artists and musicians using books as musical instruments!

45 Artists’ Book Market Exhibitors

Hestan Isle Press/ Mark Pawson/disinfotainment/ Stichill Marigold Press/ Charlotte Vallance Illustration & Design/ Francesca Ricci/ kitbooks/ Chloe Spicer with Object Book / KAMIKAZE PRESS / artisanine/ ArtStream/ Anne Proctor Moonkwayk Studio/ Set of Drawers Illustrators/ Sarah Bissell / Pedestrian Publishing/ Steve Dales/ Elizabeth Jardine Godwin/ Kit and Caboodle/ The Selfish Dream/ Rosie James/ BBB Books / SALT+SHAW/ COPY/ Staithes Studios/ Sue Bennett/ the drawing collective/ Gemma Lacey/ Red Plate Press/ Pat HodsonMike Ainsworth/ Tamsin Daisy Rees/ Badbooks / The Shipping Press/ Silvia Barlaam  / University of Derby/ Gordian Projects/ Longbarrow Press/ Nuclear Family / Christopher J Robinson / Roberts Print/ Mireille Fauchon/ Sara Wicks/ The B.L.N.T. Collective / Theresa Easton/ Sumi Perera [SuperPress  EDITIONS]/ Weproductions/ NewBridge Bookshop/ Collective 26:86/ Chris Wilson

A brief history of zine making / James Wilkinson Sunday 19th June 13.00-14.00 Level 1 Cinema

Drawing from his own collection, James Wilkinson takes us through a brief history of zine making. Hear about the Science Fiction zines of the 1930s, through to the advent of the Xerox machine which spawned underground punk zines and made a huge impact on the Riotgrrrl movement, and ending with the place of zines in today’s internet based Information Age. The talk includes an opportunity for questions and discussion and a special zine to take away for free.



The Library Rave / Chloe Spicer Saturday 18th June 11.00-13.00 Level 2 Library

Rave in the library to the bookish anthems of Fahreneheit 451, The Library of Babel and the Dewey Decimal System over music, as you dance with books and hand held disco torch in this interactive installation, or audio book silent disco (a sort of book club club night). Wear your entry wristband, drop an e-book, and become books by way of sensory overload.



Unbound #1 & #2 / Foundation Press with Nicola Singh and Zassō Fūkei Saturday 18th & 19th  June 16.00-16.30 Level 1 Cube

Foundation Press present two new one-day print projects with artists Nicola Singh (Saturday) and Zassō Fūkei (Sunday). Working within the time limits of the market’s opening hours, participating artists will pursue their own visual language through the riso print process – designing and constructing two entirely printed stage sets that will host live performances each day at 4pm.

Foundation Press is a Risograph press and publishing facility run by the Foundation Art and Design Programme at the University of Sunderland, it supports both students and artists to create new outcomes and initiatives in print.



DRAWN INWARD: Palindromic Artists’ Book Intervention / David FaithfulSunday 19th June 15.00-17.00 Level 4 Viewing Terrace

On a chalk-drawn circle on the BALTIC balcony, 9 participants move sequentially around the circle, drawing firstly the OUTWARD then the INWARD views of the quayside from their lofty perch.

The completed palindromic artists’ books will be exhibited at the BALTIC Library.



The Astonishing Polar Tombola / Nancy Campbell Saturday 18th June 12.00-15.00 Level 1 Entrance

Artist Nancy Campbell invites you to play The Astonishing Polar Tombola, a quick interactive game that uses language to explore issues of environmental/cultural change and extinction. Select a card at random from the tombola, discover its meaning and then contribute to a growing display of words and concepts that humanity might be better off without.



Nuclear Family Caravan / Lindsay Duncanson, Marek Gabrysch & Lukas Gabrysch

Nuclear Family present a selection of images, sound and video works created by the Duncanson & Gabrysch family during a tour of the UK’s16 sites of working  and decommissioned nuclear power stations. At each location planned activities such as, drawing, bird watching picnics and sandcastles took place. The journey revealed the often remote beauty of the landscapes that house these concrete monoliths, but also the complexity of the debate that accompanies their nuclear story.



Sound Book Project / Amy Sterly Saturday 18th June 14.00-15.00 Level 1 Cinema

Using books as instruments, art and music collective, Sound Book Project, exploit the tactile nature of books in surprising ways to create a performative soundscape. Wound, sprung, strummed, slapped and thrown, the books speak for themselves, triggering emotional and sensory responses.



Book Making Workshop / Deirdre Thompson

Saturday 18 June 11.00-13.00 Level 1 meeting Room

Stationery bookbinder Deirdre Thompson will introduce traditional methods of bookbinding that can be used to make notebooks or to bind your own artist’s book, using basic hand tools and looking at resources and materials.

£27/£22 concessions* / BALTIC Member 10% discount
Book workshop online:
Cash sales at BALTIC, Gateshead, Information Desk

*Concession rate available to over 60s, unwaged and students with valid NUS card

Book Creator for iPad Beginners Workshop / Lesley-Anne Rose

Sunday 19 June 11.00-13.00 Level 1 meeting Room

Using iPad and simple book creating apps, bring images, sound, text and video clips together to design a custom-made book to share with your friends and family. Bring your book ideas to digital life and create a unique gift.

If you are new to the iPad and want to learn how to use simple applications to combine images, text and other digital content in effective ways, this workshop is for you. You will also learn how to make your own DIY stylus for sketching directly onto the iPad. We will provide an iPad and software, you just need to bring some ideas to get you started. (copy approved by artist)

£27/£22 concessions* / BALTIC Member 10% discount check price?
Book workshop online:
Cash sales at BALTIC, Gateshead, Information Desk

*Concession rate available to over 60s, unwaged and students with valid NUS card


FREE |PMP| Zine Workshop  / Carol Montpart (The Plant Magazine)

Come and make your own Zine using back copies of National Geographic magazines and other materials that explore issues around social and environmental matters and issues. The Plant magazine offers plant lovers a new look at greenery by featuring the works of many creative people who share a love for plants. The Plant is currently celebrating its 5th anniversary and features in “A Bizarre World of Plants” exhibition at NewBridge Bookshop.

This event is part of Practice makes Practice, an artist development programme run by artists for artists, initiated by The NewBridge Project.


Book workshop online: Zine Workshop Carol Montpart eventbrite

NewBridge Studios Saturday 18 June 14.00

12 NewBridge Street West, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8AW

Karl Blossfeldt
Karl Blossfeldt