Work by Gillian Neish

Drawing with Fire: An exhibition of laser cutting by book and paper artists is currently on show at Northumbria University School of Design.

Detail of work by Gillian Neish

    The exhibition is part of the International Print Biennale, a region wide programe of events and exhibitions. 

Work by Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith, based in Edinburgh, runs the Edinburgh Laser Studio .Her work has a very distinct, calligraphic feel to it.

Su Blackwell

 Su Blackwell produces much of her work by hand, she worked with Tom Sowden at CFPR using laser cutting techniques as part of her residency at the Bronte Parsonage Museum.  I recently saw some of her work at the Centre for Book art in NY, where she is currently Bishop Faculty Fellow 2011.

Alice, A Mad Tea Party

Tom Sowden

 Tom Sowden’s playful way with words and images are suitably captured in his use of laser cutting.  He gave a fascinating talk to accompany the exhibition, inspiring as well as informative.  The CFPR website has a wealth of information for those new to laser cutting.  The photo’s I took of his fire exit doors do not do justice to his work so ckeck out the CFPR website.

Tom Sowden


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