5 years of AUE – in a zine!

This is a call out for submissions to 5 Years of AUE!

Open to  AUE members and supporters.

Draw, write, print, collage an A5 page ( 21x15cm ) answering one or more of the following questions:

  • How has AUE helped you?
  • What does being in a trade union mean to you?
  • Why did you join AUE?
  • What would you like from AUE in the furture?
  • Why is it important to support Artists’ Union England?

Deadline: 1st May 2019

Download & Share HERE

Submissions: Post to Theresa Easton, 36 Lime Street,  Ouseburn, Newcastle, NE1 2PQ or email theresa@artistsunionengland.org.uk

Include your  name, contact details and social links with your submission.

All submissions are required to respond to the theme.  The organisers reserve the right to exclude any work that is deemed offensive or does not respond to the theme.  Pages will be photocopied, Black & White and have a screen printed cover.  All of our contributors names will be included in the front of the zine along with up to two social links for promotion ie: instagram, twitter, email, website etc.

What is a zine? A zine is a self-published and produced publication, often made collaboratively, using DIY techniques.  Zines tend to by pass mainstream media and can be powerful tools of communication. More details from Salford Zine Library HERE.

Launch: TBC

Background: The idea came initially through working with young people studying Art & Design from Durham Sixth Form who are interested in AUE, but know very little, if anything about trade unions.  I will be leading a couple of sessions in zine making with these young people as part of my National Organiser role.  I also delivered a brief session on activism, campaigning and zines at the GFTU Youth Festival 2018 and Banners Held High in Wakefield 2018. There is clearly an appetite from trade unionists for a fresh look at connecting with a wider community.