Artists’ Book Market

This weekend I will be heading up the road to the Fruitmarket, Edinburgh for their annual Artists’ Book Market.

Its always a good chance to meet and connect with fellow makers, be inspired and show some of my latest work.

Reading newspapers was a social affair and the Newsroom and Smoking room provided Proprietors with a comfortable environment to discuss articles such as Angus Reach’s 1849 investigation into the condition of the labouring classes in Manchester. ‘Morning Chronicle – Chap Book’ is a snapshot of Reach’s first impression of Manchester that uses the popular Chap Book design from the 17th and 18th century.

I’ll be taking along “The Morning Chronicle”, a Chap Book inspired by my time at The Portico Library last years along with “The Book Gobblers”.  This zine is a bi-produce from a commission with Senate House Library, London and inspiration from Gays the Word Bookshops amazing archive.   “The Book Gobblers” is an unforgiving account of the British state’s persecution of the LGBTQ+ community in the 1980’s during a highly hostile and aggressive environment towards the LGBTQ+ community.

There are plenty lessons still to learn.  Gay Pride should not be an opportunity for commercialization and exploitation, but an opportunity to remember the struggles, lessons and acts of solidarity during acute political  upheavals.

You can pick up a selection of Chap Books and Zines, purchase a micro bound book, or just come along and say hello!

See you there!

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th February 2019 11-6pm Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.


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