Freedom City 2017

As part of Freedom City 2017’s program of events celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Newcastle University awarding Martin Luther King an honorary doctorate, Newcastle City Center will become the stage for a huge public theater performance on 29th October 2017; ’Freedom On the Tyne’.

As part of this performance, Bethany Elen Coyle is leading a musical, carnivalesque street theater piece in which those taking part will celebrate and commemorate  past grassroots social and political movements. Lead by a full brass band, the theater will be a re-enactment of the Jarrow March, Suffragettes, Miners’, Anti-War, Anti-Racism and Anti-Poverty protest movements.

Get involved!

Local people are invited to take part!  If you are passionate about and active in current social justice causes and campaigns and members of local campaign groups and organisations, come and join what promises to be an evocative, exciting and unforgettable cultural celebration of  past social justice struggles.

Interested? Read on…

You will need to attend at least one of a series of workshops in which Bethany Elen Coyle and myself will explore these themes, creating placards (that will be me) and learning songs and chants associated with the historic protest movements (this will be Bethany – I will hum in the background).
(All equipment, tools and learning resources will be supplied & you can keep your placard after the performance!)

To register to attend any of the workshops, please go to:
or email : if you have any further questions.

Workshops are open to all but if you have a particular passion for a certain cause, the workshops will be themed as follows:

Workshop Dates / Times / Place / Theme

Tuesdays @ Broadacre House, City Centre
10th / 5.30pm -7.30pm / Suffragettes
17th / 5.30pm -7.30pm/ Miners
24th  / 5.30-7.30pm / Open

Tuesday 24th October @ BALTIC, Gateshead
2-3pm / Open
3.15-4.15pm / Open

Sundays @ Chilli Studios, New Bridge Street Byker
15th / 10.30am – 12.30pm / Jarrow March
17th / 10.30am – 12.30pm / Anti-Racism

Performance – 29th October 2-6pm in Newcastle City Centre
Rehearsal – 28th October – Heworth School – time TBC (afternoon)


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