Mental Health Fundraiser

I am really pleased to be part of this fantastic event! Chilli Art Studios, a user lead service providing much needed creative based services for people with Mental Health problems (thats all of us by the way!), are organising an Art Auction at the Holy Biscuit Tin.

Chilli Studios is vital in these times of austerity and cut backs.  Theresa May’s government has done very little to erode the conditions that exasperate mental health problems. She has paid lip service to NHS Mental Health Services, offering little reassurance & hope to the staff working in the system and those desperately trying to access the services.  Housing, jobs and education are continuously  at crisis point and May’s government offers ineffective solutions to problems they have created.

The Art Auction has been widely supported and is promoting Human Rights through Art & Mental Health.

Some key dates coming up!

  • Celebrational Open night preview Tues 5th September 6-8pm @ The Holy Biscuit Gallery, NE2 1YH
  • Exhibition Continue from 6th-13th, Tues-Fri 11am-4pm, Sat 1-4pm
  • Charity Fundraiser Art Auction 6-9pm Wed Sept 13th 2017

The Auction is live now – check it out!   Planning on coming along to the auction? sign up HERE.



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