I am really pleased to be working with the fantastic Navigator North on their Latest Edition project.  Its a brilliant opportunity to work alongside like-minded artists, such as Alex SicklingNick Kennedy, Becki Harper, Diane Watson and Carol Devey Haughton.  All part of this years Festival of Thrift its a chance to collaborate with ideas from the archives & stores at Kirkleatham Museum and  make a whole new body of work.

The stores have an amazing collection of broadsides and the library has some brilliant books on printmaking.



















I am interested in revisiting a previous intervention I made at Festival of Thrift in 2013 with Kay Henderson.  In 2013 in Darlington, we spent two days  gathering  from visitors to the Festival of Thrift, their  thrifty tips and printed them using traditional wooden type.   For 2017, I am interested using inspiration from the collection at Kirkleatham to make a series of artists books and broadsides.

I am fascinated by the intricate detail displayed  in the broadsides which show case the forerunners to many trade unions, the societies and guilds.

The composition is similar to the traditional miners banners in the stores at Kirkleatham.

Design ideas for Thrifty Tips Broadside

I plan to  design a broadside using silk-screen & letterpress, working with Lee Turner, from Hole Edition & his Vandercook Printing Press.


































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