ASMbly Lab 2017, Leeds

ASMbly Lab is an annual pop-up studio/laboratory/workshop in Leeds city centre, facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration between artists, scientists and makers.

ASMbly 2017 runs from Wednesday 26th July to Sunday 6th August.

“Over the 10 days, we will be hosting an art/ science exhibition, a series of 10 workshops, art/sci/maker drop-in activities, a superposition event and a performance night.”

I will be exhibiting The Principles of Divergence, made up of hand made books and enamelled glass.

The Principles of Divergence references Darwin’s research into Natural Selection in his book ‘On the Origin of Species’ 1859.  Darwin’s detailed and methodical presentation of the animal kingdom provides a wealth of inspiration for  interpretation in the form of a suitcase.  The medium of printmaking and techniques in making artist’s books provides a  fluid connection between idea and object.  The suitcase acts as a metaphor and reflects Darwin’s experiment using a wooden frame, placed in garden soil to capture and record the plants and insects present over a controlled period of time.


Taking  the historical obsession of classification and compartmentalises elements, creating a portable natural history museum. The work is designed to be physically engaging, allowing the viewer to explore the work and discover the tactile quality inherent in the book art.












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