Check out the Middlesbrough Art Weekender! 

19th – 21st May 2017

I’ll be showing a selection of recent Stand Up to Trump posters & selling some zines at Fahrenheit Book Shop.

January 20th 2017 Donald Trump is elected USA President. Within days global protests erupt against Trumps executive banning order from 7 different Muslim countries and his refusal to accept refugees.

The protests took people into the streets, homemade banners & placards expressing their outrage and collective power.  Social media spread the messages worldwide, some of which have been complied into posters.  Silk screen printed messages convey a sense of solidarity. Campaigning groups around the country in the UK continue to challenge Theresa May’s state visit invitation to Trump.  Wary of the close relationship, this should concern us all.


3 thoughts on “Middles brough Week ender

  1. Hi Theresa-love your work! I bought the Emergency Anti-Trump fold out Protest Poster at the Minnesota Center for the Book, and am wondering what the Arabic (small red page and largest page of blue background, red letters) means…can you help me out?

    • Hi Caroline
      thanks for your message.
      The short Arabic text says ‘Peace & Freedom’. The longer text says ‘We welcome all of you from wherever in the world’. Both statements were used over two years ago on placards during a welcome refugees demonstration in Newcastle, England. It was during a particular bad time in Syria for people fleeing bombing and violence. The British press media and Conservative government argued against re-homing and giving sanctuary to even the most vulnerable. Their ideas stem from racism and thirst for war as profits in arms sales rise. Thousands have died crossing the Mediterranean seeking safety and refuge. It is still continuing today. The zine has an international message for us all.

      • Thanks for your prompt reply-hearing the story behind the words just made it so much more meaningful.
        We are so ashamed of our president-every Wednesday a group of us in rural NW Iowa go to a different small town to protest. Our region heavily voted for Trump. I will share your poster with my friends!

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