The recent protests around the world against Trump and his administration has lead me to produce these simple portable, fold out poster zines, complete with suggested reading list including Angela Y Davis ” Freedom is a constant struggle: Ferguson, Palestine and the Foundations of a movement.” and Donny Gluckstein  “The Nazis, capitalism and the working class.”

The poster zines have suggested slogans for placards in English and Arabic, with a complete poster hidden inside the zine itself.  The poster is revealed when the zine is folded out flat.  I will be selling these at the Fruitmarket Bookmarket in Edinburgh this weekend and during the Ouseburn Open Studios at 36 Lime street 18 & 19 March.

Stand Up to Racism, Newcastle Unites, Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War, Peoples Assembly are just a few of the campaign groups that have come together in the North East to organise protests against Trump at key moments in the past few weeks.  These have included his inauguration, the day after the travel ban on Muslims and refugees and the debate in Parliament on Trumps state visit invite by Theresa May.  Trump & May’s close relationship should concern us all – racism, misogyny, Islamophobia, homophobia and his total disregard for human rights are a threat to us all.  Campaigning, protesting, using art to challenge and expose the hypocrisies are important.  Artists in Byker are organising a Nasty Women Exhibition in solidarity with the founding exhibition in New York highlighting the threat to roll back women’s rights.  Art is not neutral. The next planning meeting is at 6pm Tuesday 21st February at Broadacre House in Newcastle.


Anti-Trump Poster Zine £7

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2 thoughts on “Anti- Trump Poster Zines

  1. Theresa I trust you have picked up on my fictional character Bonard D Crump? see attached, the images have gotten over 6K hits on twitter, my norm if 6 hits a week!(ish) I hope to come in May to visit the book fair. I’ll bring my 3 new publications for you to see, if you have a moment that is. Pete

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