Pop-up Bindery in the City Library

Saturday 26 November 10.30 – 3.30 and Sunday 27 November 11.30 – 3.30

Join The Society of Bookbinders for a variety of demonstrations, including basic binding techniques and processes, such as sewing, endbanding, leather paring and gold tooling.The Society of Bookbinders is a national charity devoted to education and training in the 500 hundred year old craft of bookbinding. The  North East branch has a programme of training events and there are also bookbinding classes every week at the Lit & Phil.


An exhibition of bindings by binders in the North East

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, until the mid 19th century, all books were bound by hand. When you bought a book from the bookseller it was unbound. You then took it to the bookbinder to have it bound in whatever style suited your taste and your pocket.

In 2009 the City Library published The Library Book. This softcover book celebrated the history of the City Library and the planning and construction of the new building. In this exhibition you will see 15 copies of this book rebound by North East binders in a range of traditional and contemporary styles. This is probably the first time for many, many years that one book published in Newcastle has been rebound in a range of styles.  You will also see some of the books repaired and rebound by the volunteer Book Repair Group at the Lit & Phil library in Newcastle. This group is supported and supervised by two professional binders, Derek Bradford and Tim Gradon.


The Society of Bookbinders is a national charity devoted to education and training in the ancient art and craft of hand bookbinding. Bookbinding remains and thrives in this region today.




North East


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