Print and Protest11Wednesday 24th August on a hot sticky evening at The Art House, Wakefield, I found myself giving a talk on ‘Print & Protest’ alongside the most amazing spoken word poets ‘Nymphs & Thugs’  also known as Matt Abbott & Toria Garbutt, just two of the group of four poets making up Nymphs & Thugs.

It was an unusual evening as spoken word & print came together in an atmosphere of curiosity charged with a sense of activism and hope.

Hot Bed Press 20:20 Print exchange exhibition surrounded speakers & audience alike creating a visually stimulating environment.

Print and Protest1



For my part it was a brilliant opportunity to discuss the road of recent social activism, forming a trade union for Artists with other like minded creative s and supporting the Corbyn for PM campaign alongside passionate poets such as Matt Abbott.

Print and Protest9The natural progression to use printmaking as a utilitarian process in art making has become interwoven with my own practice.

The Art House provided an ideal opportunity to present this development in my practice and coincided with an article for Printmaking Today in the next Autumn issue: ‘Power of Print’ describes the motivation behind establishing Artists’ Union England and demonstrates how printmaking can have a role to play.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 8.10.04 PMThe time for creatives, musicians, poets and performers to come together and challenge Tory austerity by organising collectively (in which ever way seems fit) is now.  The changes taking place within the Labour Party and EU Referendum results has created an atmosphere of political debate and engagement, not seen for some time.

Nymphs and ThugsI am really looking forward to seeing Matt Abbott  (Nymphs & Thugs) perform at the #KeepCorbyn event 19th September Tyne Theatre Opera House. All money raised goes towards putting on more #JC4PM events.  If you are around Liverpool  check out the World Transformed Festival, this is a FREE festival and is a celebration of politics, art, music, culture and community. Hosted by a coalition of grassroots groups and powered by Momentum, the World Transformed aims to promote a radical, positive vision for the future.

Print and Protest8



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