Beyond Words – Exhibition

A newly commissioned publication on The Freedom to have a Home, part of  Freedom Festival Arts Trust’s Beyond Words programme.

Freedom Festival Arts Trust has teamed up with James Reckitt Library Trust, Hull Culture and Leisure Library Services and Book Works for this exciting new project for 2016, entitled Beyond Words.

Along with five other artists/organisations, I  have been commissioned to create a new artist’s publication, based on the theme of freedom. These new works will be exhibited in Hull’s Central Library across the festival weekend and throughout September. Alongside the exhibition launch, an artist’s book fair will take over the library, and a trail of artist installations, centred around the theme of the books, will feature on the streets of Hull during the festival weekend.

The artists’ books

  1. Between the Borders, Between the Borders Episode #4
  2. Libita Clayton
  3. Theresa Easton, Freedom to have a Home
  4. Jacob V Joyce If you had a super power to free yourself from white supremacy, capitalism, ablism and hetero-patriarchy, what would it be and how would you use it?’
  5. Rudy Loewe, Moving Through Borders (working title)
  6. Nick Norton, AKA: A genealogy of the saddle

the right & freedom to have a home


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