IMG_20160604_092319Screen printed broadsides – what’s your message for Jeremy Corbyn?

I have been making broadsides designed using silk screen printing for a number of years. The aim is use the broadsides as a point of discussion and  to draw attention to the current political leaders in the media at the time. Typically those in the media become a focus for discontent;  Nicky Morgan and her forced academies, George Osborn and his tax breaks for the rich. The comments left by members of the public during the Late Shows events at 36 Lime Street have been transformed into hand printed broadsides and cheaply photocopied zines, distributed at book fairs and exhibitions.Rants & Ravings letterpress print & screen print 90x 45cm 2013

OsbornemorganIDSCameronLeave your Message for Corbyn broadside has a similar purpose.  One which will collate the strength of feeling generated by those grass roots supporters of Corbyn and what he stands for: an end to this fabricated austerity, the creation of jobs & homes, investing in health and welcoming refugees torn from their home countries.

Messages  posted via twitter so far include:

“Don’t let the media divide us, stay together strong and united”

‘When will it be over?’

‘ We look different, we act different, but call me comrade and we are the same’

“Corbyn’s the man. We are the movement. United, we’re invincible”

“Never Fear Freedom. Stronger Together.”

‘keep going! there are so many of us behind you ‘mwithCorbyn’

Send me your message @theresaeaston



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