IMG_4249Really pleased to be able to contribute to DIY Cultures this year.  Although I couldn’t be there personally, Divya Osbon very kindly put together DIY Riso exhibition at DIY Cultures festival .

I submitted two copies of the same Chap Book made during a workshop at Hot Bed Press.

The books combines an earlier screen printed & photo-litho Chap Book exploring stories behind the First World War, such as the Richmond 16, conscientious objectors and the Christmas truce.

I will be exhibiting and selling the riso Chap Books ‘Gott Mit Uns’ at the Artists’ Book Market at BALTIC this weekend, retail £5 or the original Chap Book £10.

If you are interested in finding out more about Riso printing, also at the Artists’ Book Market will be Unbound #1 & #2 / Foundation Press with Nicola Singh and Zassō Fūkei Saturday 18  & 19  June 16.00-16.30 Level 1 Cube

Foundation Press present two new one-day print projects with artists Nicola Singh (Saturday) and Zassō Fūkei (Sunday). Working within the time limits of the market’s opening hours, participating artists will pursue their own visual language through the riso print process – designing and constructing two entirely printed stage sets that will host live performances each day at 4pm.

Foundation Press is a Risograph press and publishing facility run by the Foundation Art and Design Programme at the University of Sunderland, it supports both students and artists to create new outcomes and initiatives in print.








IMG_0487 IMG_0488     IMG_0493












DIY Cultures - Riso

DIY Cultures – Riso


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