postcards on wall with box

pit headWoodhorn Museum, Ashington are currently hosting #poppiestour Weeping Window, original concept created by artist Paul Cummins and installation designed by Tom Piper.  Responding to this concept I proposed a public engagement activity that reflected the multiple nature of the work, while providing the public the opportunity to use original source material from the archive and leave their personal response and reflection.proof3

The Archives at Woodhorn offer visitors the opportunity to research local history using original documents and materials. I was interested in capturing this local interpretation that moved beyond the militaristic archive and incorporated social history.  A whole range of jobs were designated as important contributions to the ‘war effort’, mining jobs included.  The War Office issued regular updated pamphlets listing jobs where women could replace men. Tribunals were set up to oversee the implementation of such procedures with the wealthy and rich taking up these roles, such as Lord Armstrong.

archives info

wall & textThe growing installation in Woodhorn’s Gallery Workshop extends across the walls during a period of international upheaval for thousands and thousands  civilians fleeing war & devastation.  Public responses are personal and collective, pacifist and commemorative.  The wall provides the viewer with an opportunity to respond to then & now.  The exhibition is on display until 1st November 2015. Checkout Woodhorn Facebook Page for up to date details.




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