ouseburn pottery axisOuseburn Bridge Pottery Rules

Ouseburn Bridge Pottery Rules responds to the punitive fines and regulations imposed on workers during the 1800’s.  The rules are re-appropriated for a series of prints made using traditional wooden type, printed by hand onto original dress patterns.  The correlation with today’s proposed  anti-trade union legislation, welfare sanctions , zero hour contracts and assault on the Human Rights Act, highlights  the neoliberal  ideology of challenging who ‘owns’ labour  within the drive for cheap, dispensable labour.


ouseburn bridgesOuseburn Bridges

Ouseburn Bridges draws on the striking architectural design of the bridges that cross the Ouseburn Valley.  Made up from a series of vinyl cuts, each individual square is arranged and printed so as to fold into a small book.


Broadside books

Broadside Books

Broadside Books present a collection of statements, written responses, scribbles and rants collected from members of the public during open studios events at 36 Lime Street, Newcastle.  The public were encouraged to leave their thoughts, remarks and observations for a list of political and business leaders.  The books give weight and gravity to the ‘hidden’ disaffection and alienation many people feel.  Originally printed using traditional letterpress and displayed as broadsides, the prints ave been reconfigured into concertina style books.  The cover illustrates ‘Knowledge is Power’, printed & published by the Chartist, Henry Hetherington 1820, one year after the Peterloo Massacre. Hetherington played a leading role in the campaign against the heavy stamp duty taxation on newspapers and pamphlets

Thrifty Tips

Thrifty Tips

Visitors to the Alternative Village Fete at the Festival of Thrift weekend, Darlington 2013 , contributed their own personal Thrifty tips, transforming them into hand printed letter press texts.  Inspired by printed quotes from ‘Enquire Within upon Everything’, of 1889, and ’Model Cookery and Housekeeping Book’, of the same year with their money saving tips, visitors contributed their austerity coping tips.   A selection of Thrifty ideas printed by hand during the weekend event have been bound into a series of traditional Japanese style book.


Please leave your message.....

Please leave your message…..

I am collecting remarks, thoughts, musings and rants from members of the public.  These are not any old rants, but thought provoking, challenging ideas from the public feeling disaffected, apathetic and disenfranchised as a result of the recent austerity measures.  The statements are collected and re-configured into a series of zines, bound together.


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