An Encyclopaedia of Everything: Cheryl Penn

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There are over 350 books in this collection and I am pleased to say I have been able to contribute to Cheryl Penn’s labour of love.  ”Encyclopaedia’s are tomes of articles and subjects on any and every topic of accumulated, verifiable knowledge.” Cheryl Penn

Abscence & Presence: A Printmaking Response to the Bombing of Al-Mutanabbi Street, San Francisco Center for the Book, USA.

12th December 2014 – 25th January 2015

In 2013, printmakers from around the world were invited to make prints for the al-Mutanabbi Street Project. Eash artist was asked to reflect and respond to the bombing of the bookseller’s quarter in Baghdad in 2007 and to be part of a global coalition of artists, poets and writers that states that wherever people talk freely and creativity breathes, al-Mutanabbi Street starts.








RUKSSIAN artists’ Books Organised by Mikhail Pogarsky and  Book Arts at the Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE Bristol.Artists’ Books Exhibition, UWE, Bristol 1st December 2014 – 31st January 2015This exhibition brings together a collection of Russian & UK artists books.  Theresa Easton represents the UK with Thrifty Tips just one of the hand bound books collating the Thrifty Tips provided by visitors to the Festival of Thrift, Lingfield Point, Darlington 21st & 22nd September 2013.  Over 27,000 visitors to the weekend event were able to take part in thrifty activities, watch demonstrations and contribute to a thrifty, creative community.  Theresa Easton Kay Henderson spoke to over 200 visitors during the event at the Alternative Village Fete, encouraging printing participation and exchange of thrifty ideas.  Visitors were encouraged to suggest and print their own typographic thrifty tip.

shorter needle

Thrifty Tips in Russia

Thrifty Tips in Russia

charcoal powder

Thrifty Tips

Thrifty Tips


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