Excellent article referenced by Mr Pritchard. Nick Cohen identifies a number of reasons why its imperative artists, practitioners and cultural workers organise themselves into a democratic organisation and start to mobilise themselves into challenging this unequal society. Stellan Skarsgard summed up his understanding of what a society should be in last weeks Front Row, ”if you call a society, ‘a society’, it has to be a society for everybody.” Lets ‘celebrate diversity’ and come together 1st November 2014 for the first AGM of Artists’ Union England.

colouring in culture


I’ve been tweeting a bit today about art, privilege, elitism, ‘leaders’, social practice, and more. The great article about the dominance of privilege in the arts by Nick Cohen in The Guardian yesterday certainly spurred me on. So did tweets by Emma Bearman and Mar Dixon. I felt the train of discussion throughout the day developed around common threads. Ideas about emancipation, democracy, paradigm shifts. This post attempts to cobble together my responses into a semi-coherent stream of thoughts and sound bites that currently drive me. Here goes:

These are my thoughts. I’m not a leader. Not an evangelist. I see critical theory as offering old-new ways to think about culture, class, power, policy. New utopias. Social justice. A much needed socio-political paradigm shift…

Comments always welcome!

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