Organized by Jason Lujan,  it seems the world has gone Zine mad! The Center for Book Arts, New York are hosting this amazing exhibition until the end of September.  While here in sunny Newcastle as part of the  Heaton Arts Festival CJ Reay and myself will be running a week long series of Zine making workshops at The Hub on Shields Road, Newcastle, UK.

Zine is an abbreviation of the term fanzine, and in describing its history and uses Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin are commonly cited, often alongside 1970’s punk music. By straddling the line between functional brochure and works of art realized in book form, the zine has retained its popularity even as the internet has largely become the preferred method of self-publishing. Zines+ and The World of ABC No Rio, organized by Jason Lujan, is an exhibition that goes beyond the mere form of the zine, which is usually a cheaply-made and priced publication, often in black and white, mass-produced via a photocopier, and bound with staples. The exhibit presents and explains a range of these self-same printed materials, mixing both artists’ original creations with items from the ABC No Rio zine library archives, covering subject matter from arts-community history to political commentary.

Centre for Book Arts, New York

Heaton Arts Festival is a festival that is rooted in its local community. It celebrates local people, places and opportunities, check out the Heaton Arts Festival website for more details on this years planned activities, including the zine workshops @the hub.

Zines Easton



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