Artists’ Union England was publicly launched in May 2014 by a cross section of artists in response to an evident need for representation from a trade union.

 A trade union is a democratic body which can represent our needs as artists collectively, which is accountable to its members and that will work on our behalf for fair pay and conditions. The Union is our opportunity to create a unique, sustainable and supportive infrastructure, which is built by and for its members, where artists are supported and not exploited.

Together we can challenge the economic inequalities in the art world. We will negotiate and campaign for equitable pay, better working conditions and to promote models of good practice. We are a democratic collective voice for artists  which believes in fair remuneration for labour, which should translate to a wage comparable to other professionals. We also believe that fair payment for artists is not only ethically desirable, but vital, for a vibrant art ecology. We are against unpaid labour.

We seek to work with other unions, arts organisations, government bodies and cultural institutions on behalf of artists, whilst remaining both independent and transparent. As a trade union, we aim to represent artists at strategic decision-making levels and to work toward a fairer and more just society for visual and applied artists.

Artists’ Union England is funded solely by membership dues and donations.

To join, visit: www.artistsunionengland.org.uk  Our members’ survey, drawn from members’ requests, is coming soon, as well as the Collective Decision Making event on 19th July, UCU, London.  Please join and have your say; you are our Union.  Thank you.


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