The last session of the Ouseburn Community Project took place at The Malings, on the East Bank of the Ouseburn.   Setting off on a glorious summers day, we headed down the path to meet David Brown, Senior Project Manager who was to be our guide for the next hour.  Based at Quality Row, the office port-a-cabins are welcoming and tidy, not what you would expect on a building site. It was interesting looking at the plans and trying to make sense of extremely complicated drawings.







David Brown, soon had us off heading down towards the river to look at the building progress and explain the stages of the development.  It was interesting to learn about the system of timber framed buildings and the nature of tying the bricks to the frame.  The bricks used are Ibstock bricks and looked like  Birtley Olde English Buff.
























David Brown explained the unique design of the brick and the fact each brick has its own shape and dimensions, making the brick laying skill particularly specialist.  The bricks are semi-hand made, lending themselves well to the unique quality and design of the Malings development.




The field trip was an excellent way to end the first stage of the project and left participants and myself with plenty of food for thought.

The fired bricks will be out on display around the farm during the Ouseburn Festival , Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th July as part of the International Print Biennale.   The bricks incorporate print inspired designs and have been manipulated and transformed using print type techniques using coloured stains capturing lino cut designs and traditional wooden type.  During the festival weekend at the farm 2-4pm, I will be offering visitors the chance to print their own Ouseburn Farm bag with a design made by one of the many participants of the project.


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