New Chap Book launch for the Late Shows

New for The Late Shows is Theresa Easton’s latest Chap Book, Industrialized Objects.

Industrialized Objects
Industrialized Objects








Theresa Easton in her latest Chap Book ‘Industrialized Objects’ responds to a call out for artists book contributions to the Personal Histories Exhibition coordinated by Robyn Foster, Queensland Australia.   Easton takes the subject of WW1 Trench Art as a narrative to explore using the print mediums of silk screen and photo lithography.  The exhibition planned for October 2014 at the Redland Museum, Queensland, offers infinite possibilities for the artist to interpret and translate into an artist book.

Easton was drawn to the complex narratives presented in Trench Art and the hybrid nature embedded within the objects.  Brass artillery shells were produced in their millions; they represent the defining weapon of WW1.

As countries mark the anniversary in 2014, Easton is interested in looking at the wider social history and teasing out the personal stories hidden in these contradictory objects (Trench Art) which were created as icons of 20th century industrialised war and have evolved into creative hybrids. Trench Art objects become historical documents, illustrating and enshrining the war time lives of its makers, whether munition workers or soldiers.  Industrialized Objects references the brass shells made in factories in Hartlepool and used as defensive weaponry during the towns bombardment in December 2014.  The chap book explores North East history from survival in the trenches to the endurance of life as a conscientious objector in Richmond Castle for those making a stand against war.

Industrialized Objects.jpg3

Size 10.5x15cm Edition: 20

8 pages

Silk Screen & photo litho


Presented as part of The Late Shows 2014

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