Summer Print & Book Making Workshops@36 Lime Street with Theresa Easton 
Hand made books by participants
Hand made books by participants

Summer print & bookmaking workshops of 2014!   @36 Lime Street, these  print & bookmaking workshops offer participants  the chance to incorporate creative talents into a series of hand printed and hand made books. These one day workshops  @36 Lime Street will give participants the chance to create their own hand designed books, with colourful covers and a range of papers to transform into pages.

Flag Book

Flag Book

Dates include……….

Saturday 24th May or Saturday 28th June or Saturday 19th July  £55

The first part of the day  introduces participants to a selection of simple printmaking techniques, that can be folded and stitched into a selection of hand made books suitable for your own project or a a series of bespoke gifts.

Available to buy at the end of the day, for £7.50, are beginners binding packs consisting of a folding bone, bookbinding needles and  linen thread to get you started at home.The workshop is ideal for those with no experience and those needing a refresher course.  Bring a project idea along or take part in the numerous possibilities that can produce your own unique books.

To book your place click:HERE

Email: theresa_easton@yahoo.co.uk Tel: 07981381830


Ouseburn Warehouse & Studios

36 Lime Street, Ouseburn

Newcastle, NE1 2PQ UK

36 Lime Street, Ouseburn Valley, the cultural quarter of Newcastle and a stones throw away from Gateshead based, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

large map

If you can’t make either of these dates, why not sign up to the blog and receive regular updates of future print related workshops, including Print & Book Binding?


2 thoughts on “Summer Print & Bookmaking workshops coming up @36 Lime street.

  1. Theresa
    Hope your Ouseburn course goes well. I will be doing some field study events in Ouseburn during May, as part of a short Ouseburn History study course. If you would like/need any help re. the history of the area then let me know. Regards, Mike Greatbatch

    • Hi Mike
      thanks for the information, I think it would be great for you to feed into the project some way. I am hoping to meet and talk with all those signed up before the start date to find out about their personal connection with the valley and what areas they are interested in exploring. Are you planning on popping by the Ouseburn for the Spring Salon Sale this Sunday 23rd 10-5pm? I will be showing some example work for the project to the visiting public and meeting some people already signed up. You would be very welcome. Studio 2B

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