Monday 3rd 7pm @ Somthin’s Brewin, Gateshead Old Town Hall saw over 30 people attending a Spoken Word event to mark the anniversary of the bombing of Al-Mutanabbi Street, Baghdad March 5th 2007. The evening included a fantastic introduction to Iraqi culture and Al-Mutanabbi Street by Emily Porter, fellow creative and Art Historian.  To mark the evening’s event, I pulled together some last minute zines, containing examples of some of the readers samples of poetry.  The cover design, by reader Jessica Wortley, was well received, thanks also goes to readers Micaheal McHugh, Rosie Anderson, Chris Metcalfe, Caroline Kemp, Jennifer Wilson and Catherine Graham.

Remembering al mutanabbi 2

Emailed today by Beau Beausoleil, a San Fransisco based poet and bookseller, who first introduced me to the Street of Booksellers through his constant creative initiatives, shared an  interview on the BBC with Hassan Abdulrazzak. I especially like the connection between how culture and linguistics will defend Iran from an military strike, understanding a nations culture is so important….



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