March 3rd 7-9pm The Cafe @ Gateshead Old Town Hall

Children buying comics on al-Mutanabbi Street

Children buying comics on al-Mutanabbi Street

An event to mark the anniversary of the bombing of Al-Mutanabbi, a booksellers’ street in Baghdad, which was bombed in 2007.
Readers will share their work in response to the bombing of Baghdad’s ‘Street of Booksellers’ and in recognition of the value of reading, writing and spoken word.

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Raya 5


3 thoughts on “Remembering Al-Mutanabbi

  1. Theresa, that photo of the children is so poignant, it had me in tears this morning … and the positive/negative poster is wonderful. Whose work is it, and are prints available?
    Hope all goes well on March 3rd – I’ll be with you in spirit.

  2. Hi Ama,
    the positive/negative image has been designed by Jessica Wortley, a writer based in the North East who is co-organising the readers for the evening. The plan is to make some small scale publications of the readings chosen for the evening. I will use Jessica’s design as a cover for the publication. thanks for the support! Theresa

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