Thrifty Tips

Thrifty Tips

Thrifty Tips book is the culmination of a collection of Thrifty tips provided by visitors to the Festival of Thrift, at Darlingtons, Lingfield Point back in September 2013. The  two day event provided the opportunity for visual artist Theresa Easton & Kay Henderson, to collaborate on a joint project engaging visitors to the festival to supply their home remedies and thrifty tips.  Now collated into a series of bespoke, hand made books, a copy Thrifty Tips will be on show  at the Tsaritsyno  State Historical, Architectural, Art and Landscape Museum in Moscow 13th March – 18th May 2014.  Thrifty Tips is likely to stand in stark contrast to the vast historical wealth of the Museum, once the residence of Catherine the Great.  If any Russian visitor can decipher the English text, they would be welcome to pick up a Thrifty Tip.

Organised by Sarah Bodman, Mikhail Pogarsky, Vasily Vlasov, Viktor Lukin, the exhibition will be toured in Russia & the UK.

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Artists’ books speak the international language of art. These books can be understood in almost any corner of the world. All artists, who work in the genre of the artist’s book professionally form a large international community. However, the artist’s book like any other artform has its own regional and national peculiarities. Apart from the language in which the text is presented, there are various historical roots from which the artist’s book has emerged and on which the contemporary tree of this artform grows. In every country and in every city young artists learn many things from prominent artists and as such, new formal and informal schools of thought around the artist’s book are formed. The international Project “RUKSSIAN Artists’ Books” aims to demonstrate the unique and common features of the artist’s book, presenting works by artists from the UK and Russia united by national artistic traditions.

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British artists: Angie Butler, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, Barrie Tullett, Charlotte Hall, Christopher Robinson, Craig Atkinson, Elizabeth Willow & David Armes, Guy Begbie, Hazel Grainger, Helen Douglas & Thomas Evans, Jackie Batey, Jeremy Dixon, John Bently, John McDowall, Julie Johnstone, Les Bicknell, Nancy Campbell, Otto, Pauline Lamont-Fisher, Philippa Wood & Tamar MacLellan, Sarah Bodman, seekers of lice, Simon Goode, Simon Le Ruez, Sophie Loss, Stephen Fowler, Susan Johanknecht, Theresa Easton, Tom Sowden.

Russian artists: Nikita Alekseev, Tatiana Antoshina, Vasily Vlasov, Sergei Vorobyov, Viktor Goppe, Emil Guzairov, Aleksander Dzhikiya, Mikhail Dronov, Igor Zadera, Mikhail Karasik, Valery Korchagin, Nikolai Krastchin, Viktor Lukin, Kira Matissen, Valery Orlov, Peter Perevezentsev, Mikhail Pogarsky, Sergei Romashko, Aleksander Savelyev, Dmitry Saenko, Aleksander Svirsky, Vera Khlebnikova, Evelina Schatz, Sergei Shutov, Gunel Yuran, Sergei Yakunin.

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