PWB showing it how it should be done!


via Libby Page  for the Guardian

Visitors to the Serpentine Gallery in London were met by an unusual sight at the weekend: students and graduates dressed as Father Christmas, protesting against a gallery advert for unpaid work.

The group of white-bearded protesters held a banner that read: “All we want for xmas is pay.” They handed out scrolls to members of the public, which contained the original advertisement, plus the protesters’ comments about why they felt the role should be paid. One said: “If you contribute to the running of an organisation, you are entitled to national minimum wage.”

Following the protest, the Serpentine Gallery have admitted it is in the wrong, saying: “The points you make are valid and we have listened to your protest. We take our responsibility as employers very seriously, and this advertisement is not in line with our current terms on volunteer placements.” […]


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