Liber I Libri

I Libri Liberi

Originally designed & published for I Libri Liberi, a small publishing fair I took part in September 2013 in the Bovisa area of Milan, a set of zines are now on sale at NewBridgeBooks  in Newcastle.

Go Gove...

Go Gove…

These colourful zines follow on from a series of hand printed broadsides I created for Stevie Ronnies Dear Angel exhibition at Globe Gallery in June 2013.  The broadsides present a collection of quotes and paraphrases, taken from handwritten responses from the public and are reconfigured into a series of zines.  The work is an emotive exploration of historical, social and politically driven forms of printed material, referencing the North East’s rich tradition in commercial printing. Broadsides and Broadsheets historically were single sheets of paper printed on one side with either ballads, announcing events, proclamations or advertisements, often pinned in taverns and cottages.

Gove zine

Gove zine



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