Sara Cooper

Sara Cooper

Today’s first Open Studios@ Navigator North’s Dundas House in Middlesbrough, was a fantastic opportunity to meet some amazing artists, makers and designers whose names I carefully wrote down on my helpful guide to the building and promptly lost, so apologies to those makers I met, talked to and am not now able to recall their details! Navigator North has collaborated with two Dundas House Studio Holders, Sophie McIntosh and Adrian Moule in order to develop a Print Facility. The Print Room has both screen printing facilities and a roller press. It is available for hire to both studio holders and members of the public after they have taken part in an induction to the space. If you would like to enquire about using The Print Room and how much it costs to use, please email Sophie and Adrian on theprintroom@navigatornorth.com.


Sophie McIntosh with visitors to the Open Studios event

It was lovely to engage with Sara Cooper, like Sophie McIntosh, another Work & Play recipient, who had on show new work, fresh from the press, a selection of beautiful prints made with Eunice Routledge at an Embossment Workshop at Northern Print.  Sara Cooper’s work has grown out of an Artist Residency at The Dorman Museum’s around The Nelson Collection of birds, their nests and eggs.

sara cooper.jpg3

Sara Cooper

sara cooper

Sara Cooper

Shirley Ann Wood was offering visitors the opportunity to have a go at illustration techniques and digital animation workshop, keeping busy throughout the afternoon.


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