Liber ‘ I Libri Liberi proved to be an excellent opportunity to meet a wide range of creative book and zine makers, covering a whole range of topics and subjects.


Opposite my stall was A Mano Libera, using recycled material, often scavenged from neighbours rubbish, the artist and writer recreates throw away material into new forms of art covering a wide range of childrens stories, blended with a vegan theme.


Another Vegan favourite, Tilia Tarrare, producing some beautifully made books incorporating Vegan recipes and red wine, or works of art using hand press plants.  Hand made paper was incorporated well into a many hand made books.  20130929_171830

I was particularly grateful to Marina, from DUO for showing me the most amazing book recounting her experience of spending months contrained to one room and in bed due to her back problem.  The book details her obsessions and acute observations resulting from her restricted environment.


Another favourite and neighbours throughout the fair were Inchiostrò, invited over to Newcastle last year to take part in an exhibition at the Gallery @36 Lime Street.  This year the editioning and publishing group were show casing new work, as well as  items made from hand made paper.  An excellent two days, talking and meeting new people, La Scighera proved to be a perfect place with plenty of atmosphere and character.



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