150 Thrifty Tips provided by some enthusiastic visitors to the Festival of Thrift


thrift5thrift3THRIFTY TIPS SEPT 2013

Turn clothes into throws.

    1.  Use toilet roll tubes as a cable tidy.
    2. Freeze left over wine.
    3. Use old shirts as dusters
    4. Keep baby bottles to re use for measuring liquid.
    5. Turn old jam jars into garden lanterns –just add tealights
    6. Turn an old pair of jeans into a big drought excluder.
    7. Re-cycle boxes into toys.
    8. Use baking soda as a cleaner.
    9. Love everyone so the world will have peace.
    10. To stop drawers sticking rub the sides wiyh candle wax.
    11. Use vouchers for money off in supermarkets.
    12. Consult ‘martinmoneysavingexpert.com, before you buy/invest in anything.
    13. Cook as many things as possible while the oven’s on.
    14. Generate your own energy.
    15. If it looks bad draw over it.
    16. At the end of the hand-cream bottle cut in half to get it all out.
    17. Buy a homemade wine kit.
    18. Use folded newspaper to fill the gaps in sash windows – stops droughts  and rattles.
    19. Shop after 4pm at the reduced counter.
    20. If your bookcase falls down, give the wood to someone else.
    21. Cook your chicken in a slow cooker and you get more meat off –enough for another meal.
    22. Smiling costs you nothing.
    23. Turn off the water.
    24. Use soap bits to melt down to make a new bar.
    25. If car window is sticking, rub around the trim with a candle.
    26. Recycle jam jars. Screw lid to shelf, for storing screws.
    27. Turn off the lights
    28. Re-use shower caps as cling film.
    29. Always cut the end off the toothpaste tube, to use it all.
    30. Use washing up liquid as a pre wash to remove grease spots and stains.
    31. Use washing up liquid for squeaky  door hinges.
    32. Use old clothes to make a scarf, use smaller pieces to tie on to it.
    33. Eliminate scratches in dark polished wood by rubbing with a banana skin.
    34. Even on orange Wednesday get OAP discount.
    35. Once a month make sure you have eaten all food stuff. Only when the cupboard is bare.
    36. Always eat your pudding.
    37. Keep calm and recycle.
    38. Clean your windscreen with a cut onion.
    39. Donate old clothes.
    40. Grow and fringe your trousers.
    41. Fresh air removes lily stains.
    42. Work harder – there are people on benefits who depend on you.
    43. Swop magazines with friends
    44. Join a union
    45. Recycle furniture.
    46. Brass fittings for steam punk.
    47. Soak brass in Arial to get it clean and shiny.
    48. Soak rusty metal work in Coca Cola.
    49. Remove toilet lime scale with Coca Cola.
    50. Clean glass with Coca Cola.
    51. Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.
    52. Boil chicken carcass to make stock.
    53. Make something new from something old.
    54. Use up left overs
    55. Share your car.
    56. Have a completely homemade Christmas. Nothing bought , everything created.
    57. Use Bold liquid tops as paint tubs for kids to use.
    58. Make children’s toys.
    59. Clean your windows with vinegar & newspaper.
    60. Save jam jars.
    61. Ignore best before dates.
    62. Consume less, make more.
    63. Use spin, not tumble dryer.
    64. Plastic bottles make great dispensers for your dog.
    65. Use milk cartons as watering cans.
    66. Use toilet roll tubes to plant peas & beans.
    67. Keep all your bedding together in a pillow case.
    68. Un pick handmade jumper, wash and re use wool.
    69. Use coffee grounds to fertilise your garden.
    70. Make the last bit of shampoo in a bottle go further by adding water.
    71. Make a pouch from an old face cloth. Put ends of soap in. sew up. Use as a wash scrub.
    72. You have one life – Dig It.
    73. Cheap washing powder works as a carpet freshener  and deters animals.
    74. Courgette past it’s best can be grated and added to cakes to make them moist.
    75. Tomato stains, place in sunlight and stain is lifted out.
    76. Use baking powder or bicarb. for cleaning grill pans and ovens. Sprinkle on, add water. Watch it fizz then wipe away.
    77. Leave half a lemon in the door of the fridge to keep it smelling fresh.
    78. Freeze over ripe fruit to make jam when required.
    79.  A banana skin will shine up leather shoes.
    80. When making soda bread instead of expensive buttermilk, add lemon juice to cows milk.
    81. Use an old mascara brush to colour a grey parting.
    82. Keep cheap perfume and refill car freshners.
    83. Compost your hair clippings.
    84. Cook double of everything, use leftover as a proper lunch.
    85. Babies love old plastic bottles containing, buttons, gift bows and washing up liquid.
    86. Make rubber bands from old Marigold gloves.
    87. Never leave the house without a packed lunch.
    88. Use loo role tubes and fluff from tumble dryer for fire lighters.
    89. Freeze bread and it won’t go off.
    90. Make a compost heap.
    91. Rub coins with vinegar  to clean them.
    92. Rinse kettle in vinegar to remove lime scale.
    93. Put half a lemon onto a lime scaled tap. Leave for 2 hours.
    94. Use empty milk bottles to collect water. It will be at the right temperature when you need to use it.
    95. Keep old denim skirts to make into bags and cushions.
    96. Bulk buy chicken from the butcher- use trays for seedlings.
    97. Keep takeaway boxes to use as tuppaware.
    98. Use porridge to bulk out mince meat.
    99. Grow seedlings in old yoghurt pots.
    100. ‘Pringle’ tubes make great musical instruments when filled with rice.
    101. Drink water before you eat.
    102. Grow all your own veg.
    103. When growing spuds ‘furtle’ for first ones from row & let the plant & small spudlets grow on.
    104. Cerial boxes make good magazine files.
    105. Empty tins make good office storage accessories.
    106. Use bath soak instead of hand wash.
    107. If on diet a pot noodle container is One portion.
    108. To remove baked on food. Soak in soap powder solution- rub.
    109. Shop at charity shops.
    110. Use plastic bottles to make a pouffe with foam and fabric.
    111. Store buttons by colour to save time.
    112. Old plastic bags can be turned into kites.
    113. Freeze lemon & lime segments, use in cold drinks.
    114. Go shopping with a friend, -share the costs.
    115. Give old clothes to friends and family.
    116. Ask yourself. Do I really need this.
    117. Charge a deposit on cans & bottles, then they will be returned.
    118. Brown bananas make the best cake.
    119. Use old jam jars for take away drinks cups,- they have lids too.
    120. Use old milk cartons for planting herbs etc. & attach to walls outside.
    121. Old newspaper to line cat litter trays.
    122. The nets from oranges & lemons can be used for scouring.
    123. Milk and fruit juice cartons cut across their width make great scoops.
    124. To keep town centre shops make parking free.
    125. Re-use jam jars as tea lights.
    126. Shred paper for animal bedding.
    127. Use  soot to clean the glass on multi-fuel burners.
    128. Kill slugs with beer.
    129. Walk to school on Friday.
    130. Cut ‘hanging ribbon’ from clothes and use for crafting.
    131. Cut trousers into shorts.
    132. Cut the sleeves off jackets to make funky waistcoats.
    133. Switch off appliances when not in use.
    134. Use all the meat off chicken.
    135. Plan your meals weekly.
    136. Find things on ‘freecycle’.
    137. Always look in skips.
    138. Make a log shed out of pallets.
    139. Find a friend with older children.
    140. Coffee grounds around plants keep away slugs.
    141. Clean out a glass jar. Fill with little sweets, toys etc for a little Xmas gift.
    142. Put insects into jam jars and use as decorations.
    143. Put unused items on freecycle org
    144. Keep coal dust moist in a bucket, use at night to keep the fire burning.
    145. Don’t throw things away, recycle.
    146. Sand & repaint old furniture to make it new again.
    147. Make do and mend.
    148. Clothes swap with friends.
    149. Use half a lemon & salt to make copper pans shine.


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