Thanks to some enthusiastic and thrifty folk visiting the Festival of Thrift, at Lingfield Point in Darlington for some useful and creative suggestions. At the ‘We are all in this together’ stall at the Alternative Village Fete, Village Green, Lingfield Point, Theresa Easton & Kay Henderson will be at it again today, helping visitors to come up with some ideas for how to save money, use things again and avoid those bedroom taxes!

Thrifty ideas1 Thrifty ideas2 Thrifty ideas3 Thrifty ideas4 Thrifty ideas5 Thrifty ideas6

‘We are all in this together’  stall takes its lead from George Osborne’s throw away comment and is taken up by Theresa Easton & Kay Henderson and reconfigured into useful printed material, making tangible what is spoken and advised.  Visitors to the stall are  presented with a selection of hand printed broadsides recounting numerous home remedies, promoting self-help solutions which will captivate an audience in discussion and dialogue. Visitors  have been encouraged to note down their own family remedy, ready to be printed into a handmade broadside using traditional wooden type.  Pegged up on a washing line style drying system, the stall presents a colourful combination of Northern folklore and practical home grown customs.  Easton and Henderson draw on the North East’s rich tradition of printed broadsides,  which historically were single sheets of paper printed on one side with either ballads, announcing events, proclamations or advertisements, often pinned in taverns and cottages.


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