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Bev Samler’s book, Scavenged (Kingsteignton, Devon, UK) is made up of beautiful prints and discarded words by Fred Norman. Picture a scene of scavenging hyenas intruding into the domains of the booksellers and intellectuals of Baghdad’s street of books, al-Mutanabbi Street. Their cowardly posturing and intent on indiscriminately devouring anything worthwhile is exemplified by scavenging for whatever discarded waste attracts them. This mental and physical activity leads us into the realms of thoughtful creativity and what may be reconstructed from the detritus to recreate the scene prior to the deprivation and scavenging attacks in order to restore al-Mutanabbi street to its former glory.  

Frances Jetter, New York City, New York, Street of Booksellers. Presents The voices of long-dead poets continue to speak to us, from the “heads, tails, spines and bodies” of books- burned, broken, bulldozed and buried, on Al-Mutanabbi Street, and other streets beloved of writers and readers


Monday 23rd September 7pm Lit & Phil

To mark the closing of al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here: International Artists’ Books, there will be a reading of writings inspired by the exhibition as well as a discussion about the issues raised.
With contributions from Theresa Easton, Catherine Graham, Rosie Anderson, Jessica Wortley, Allison Dean, Denise Mosse, Chris Metcalf, Amina Evans, Michael McHugh and Caroline Kemp.


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