Reading through an  email from the project initiator of the Inventory of al-Mutanabbi Street, Beau Beausoleil, I came across a reference to an Iraqi Poet, Zaher Musa.  Zaher helped put together the first exhibition (at an outdoor poetry festival) of letterpress broadsides from the project in Baghdad just a few months ago. It was an exhibit of some 40 plus broadsides with many of them translated into Arabic for the exhibit. 

Further down the email from Beau is a beautiful Filmpoem by Zaher & Reel Iraq from an idea by Alastair Cook.


Many of the contributors to the Inventory have used poetry and text in their work.  One such contributor and our UK project coordinator, Sarah Bodman, has created “A text-based response to the bombing of al-Mutanabbi Street, the street of booksellers in Baghdad on 5 March 2007. Made for An Inventory of al-Mutanabbi Street 2011. 130 pages, one for each person of the 130 people killed or wounded in the explosion. 
Edition of 3 for al-Mutanabbi Street, plus open edition formats in hard copy and e-book app, 25th August 2011.”


All profits from the sale of this book are donated to Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (Doctors Without Borders).Wings of Terror and Light is where life is by Ingrid Wiche, Lenningen, Germany. Presents ‘A triptych of books against terror with handwritten poems by the artist. Each book “wings of terror” opens like a bomb when it is laid down. The three books form resembles a tank chain or spiked mace. Each book object consists of three books. In each book object are 2 black books with black wings but also a light corridor over the little book  “light is where life is”. The two black books and the small book are connected by  “a spiritual closure” represented by a black buckle.  We Europeans read from left to right, the Arab world from right to left. Therefore one can attach the book “Light is where life is” positioned on either side between the black wings.’




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