Sarah Lewtas, Ireland, 2012

lewtas1 lewtas2

‘Love is the only Flower’, is made from a selection of wild flowers drawn in various locations during recent years ranging from my home in Ireland to residencies in Portugal and Georgia.

There is something fragile about wild flowers and their persistence often in the most hostile of environments. The translucence of the Japanese paper adds to their fragility, I’ve made the covers in funereal white and hand written (rather badly I fear) in Arabic the names of the 30 recorded victims of the Al Mutanabbi bombing.

My thanks to Beau Beausoleil for forwarding May Alkazaz’s translation.

As part of the exhibition of books at Newcastle’s Lit & Phil, there will be an evening of readings at the Library on 23rd September 2013.  For some inspiration, Beau Beausoleil, San Francisco based project initiator has kindly sent this link provided by book contributor Janet Bradley. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM1kFbayABGNNWam9sbR1ug/videos


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