If you’ve never been to the Cat & Dog shelter on Benton Road, Newcastle -upon-Tyne, then the Quorum Business Park is probably fairly new to you.  Driving by the park you’ll see brand new, glazed buildings, glowing bright in the current wintry gloom.

Meeting with Jen Taylor,  the Events Manager with Quorum Business Partners  earlier in the new year has lead to  a new venue for exhibiting The Sunderland Book Project, which is heading over there for a few weeks between 11th – 22nd February.

Sland bk Project packed

slandbkpro 010 city library1

Staff working at the park will have the chance to explore the books, find out some of the hidden jewels unearthed in the city and discover what has captivated artists from around the world.  This is probably the first real ‘non-art’ venue for the project.  Coming up in June The Sunderland Book Project visits Gateshead’s Baltic for two days during the Baltic’s Artist’s Book Fair funded by ACE and  part of the Festival of the North East.  Book contributions are still be accepted for the project, so if you haven’t already contributed there is still time to make your own book based on the city of Sunderland.  For more details download an application form here.Application Form Sland Bk


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