Make Your Own Book Kits are an ideal way to begin making your own creative books.

I have set up a new blog to record the work made from these kits http://diybookit.wordpress.com

The Book Kits retail for £7.50 and can be purchased in Newcastle @Northern Print Studio or The Biscuit Factory or from this site +P&P 50p just email theresa_easton@yahoo.co.uk

make your own bk kit make your own book kit make your own book

Once you have collected enough material, you may want to invest in some card or paper, again this can be collected over a period of time.  I teach regular workshops @36 Lime Street and use something called ‘a rummage box’ which contains a selection of special papers, card, slips and sachet that I am not sure what I can do with, so it goes in the rummage box for a course participant to use and find inspiration.

For a while now I have wanted to get feedback from people who buy the kits to find out what exactly they are doing with them – so over the Christmas period, I had a couple of emails from individuals who were bought the packs for Christmas.  This started me thinking this new blog would be a great way to collate what kind of work people are making and inspire new ideas, providing a showcase to share ideas.  So, if you have been bought a pack and have made some work email me theresa_easton@yahoo.co.uk with your finished products or if you are thinking of making something, but not sure how to start check out the DIY Make Your Own Book Kit blog.


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