Busy day printing, stitching, glueing & folding.

Saturday’s Print & Book Binding Workshop proved to be a busy morning printing and designing with some enthusiastic participants.

The studio is in the final hours of preparation for Open Studios @36 Lime Street 24th & 25th November.   My trip to Washington DC for Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair coincides nicely with Open Studios, meaning I have to be organised with the studio tidy and ready for welcome visitors once I am back.  With partly finished book sculptures drying in the sun, soon to be installed in the gallery for the New Blood exhibition, it was difficult not to share my excitement with those taking part in the workshop and offer selected pages from some of the books  to be included into the printing process.  Chine Colle is an excellent way of including ephemera  into the printed page.  Cutting out selected images from the pages of some of the most obscure Organic Chemical Books and encyclopedia’s added another element to the Print & Book Workshop and something I will certainly include in next years series of workshops. Also proving popular and a suggestion I picked up from a course participant some months back. were the mini-bookbinding kits composed of needle, linen thread, card and folding bone for just £5!  Enough to keep you going and get you started!

Thanks to one of the participants, I now have a few pages of vellum paper for my rummage box.


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