65 participants and 56 books in total, The Sunderland Book Project is growing with each entry reaching new levels of creativity and inspiration.

Carole Robinson Little Libri

Recent contributions include Fife based printmaker Carole Robinson and closer to home, Julie Macbean who has recently completed an MAFA and came across The Sunderland Book Project at Teesside University.

Carole Robinson (UK)

Carole Robinson

Carole Robinson is essentially a printmaker trying to make sense oof the world through glass and mixed media. Over the years Robinson has been influenced by Abstract  Expressionism or works that convey powerful emotions through colour and content.  Robinsons ideas integrate life events inspired by travel and nature – Robinson has a profound interest in maps, culture, books and ancient artefacts.  Robinson chose this project because she loves to research new places and was delighted to discover the countless historical, literary and cultural elements Sunderland has to offer.  ‘Little Libri’ is an accordion folded book using handmade water colour paper, painted, scanned and printed.  Warm glass covers reference the city’s glass heritage with pages intertwined with descriptive dictionary definitions and images of Wearmouth, Bede and St Peter’s Church.

Julie Macbean (UK)

Julie Macbean recently completed an MAFA in painting and printmaking.  She is interested in industrial heritage and the nostalgia surrounding it and came across The Sunderland Book Project at Teesside University. ‘Made in Sunderland’ refers to shipbuilding on the Wear and its decline.

Julie Macbean

Julie Macbean



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