Ousama Lazkani is just one of the latest contributors to The Sunderland Book Project, presenting an Asian Turtle associated with longevity, expressing the deep rooted history of Sunderland.

Longevity by Ousama Lazkani

‘Longevity’ is an artist book consisting of 2 water-based wood engraving prints on Japanese rice paper and two hand-marbled  laser cut pages.  The styles and techniques connect directly with the city.  The marbled paper represents the watery Wear and the rich green colour, references the greenery and vegetation of the city.

Ousama Lazkani

Ousama Lazkani is currently a PhD candidate at Aberystwyth University and is interested in the relationship between Eastern & Western artistic approaches.

Grupo Gralha Azul

This is Sunderland/Isto e` Sunderland is the third contribution to The Sunderland Book Project by Grupo Grahla Azul based in Brazil.  The group consists of Bete Domingos, Ieda Mariano, Leci Bohn, Jane Balconi, Jane Godoy, Jeanete E Kohler, Luiza Gutierrez, Maria Darmeli Araujo, Maria do Carmo T. Kuhn, M.Julieta Damasceno Ferreira, Neiva M. Leite, Sirlei Caetano, Tania Luzzatto, There Reis, Therezinha Fogliato Lima, Vera Presotto  and co-ordinated by Mara Caruso.

This is Sunderland has been made in an edition of 21 and presents a collection of words and pictures associated with the city.

The book is a connection between artists and city and is a fantastic example of the spirit of The Sunderland Book Project

Nice to see out taxes are being spent on ‘worth’ while jobs – I wonder what the Customs Officers thought when opening and inspecting Grupo Gralha Azul beautiful books?


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