The Sunderland Book Project @Empty Shop 17 Claypath

Last week saw the launch of the Sunderland Book Project @ Empty Shop 17 Claypath in the heart of Durham.  Its a fantastic opportunity to see 47 of the 50 books currently in the collection.   Showing for the first time is a copy of Steve Dales ‘Boat Notes &  Ship Tips’ as well as Canadian based artist Marina Bancroft’s, ‘Voyage’ (also on show at Creative Cohesion)

the Sunderland Book Project

The space is light, airy, roomy and has heaps of potential.

17 Claypath

The windows face directly onto a busy street and bus stop, allowing visible access from the outside to the inside of the gallery space.  Dawn Knox has taken full advantage of this by erecting her installation ‘Site Verify’, composed of ladders and hand draw plans adjacent to the busy street.

This coming Thursday 18th sees the re-launch of Creative Cohesion space in Sunniside that celebrates  and welcomes two new tenants; Lindsey Grieves and Joanne Elliott, the launch of their website and completion of their shutter commission by Frank Styles.
A new exhibition ‘Reconnection’ plays host to a selection of the Sunderland Book Project  work as well as guests from Washington DC.


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