The Book Apothecary’s latest installation, part of the Epilogue Tour, appeared at the NEGeneration Showcase @ Stephensons Works, Tyne & Wear 1st & 2nd September 2012.

The two day event incorporated performance, music, interactive x-boxes and much more.  The Book Apothecary is the inspirtation of Yvette Hawkins, bringing emerging artists, curators and artists together through a collaborative process.

Next stop for The Epilogue Tour is The School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, 29th September 2012 – 8th March 2013.

The beautifully restored office space at Stephensons works provided a temporary home for The Epilogue Tour including a new series of work made in collaboration with   the  North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers.  The Library holds a range of broadsides and broadsheets.

Broadsides and Broadsheets    historically were single sheets of paper printed on one side with either ballads,   announcing events, proclamations or advertisements, often pinned in taverns and cottages.    A major centre of printing outside London was  Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the largest publishers  being John Marshall and the brothers William  and Thomas Fordyce.

The collection  of Broadsides on display at  Stephenson’s Works connect’s with the heritage of the building and the people who worked in the shed through the rise of the Industrial working class and universal emancipation.

Copies 0f broadsides from the Mining Institutes collection have been re-interpreted
using contemporary printing methods.
Broadsides would have originally been printed using traditional type  setting techniques and crude wood cuts.

I  am  interested in combining traditional printing styles with aspects of some        current political attitudes and have  incorporated a selection of statements and comments collected from the general public over the past few months.

With thanks to Jennifer Kelly, Librarian at the

North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers.


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