Political Broadsides at The Late Shows @ 36 Lime Street

The Late Shows at 36 Lime Street, turned out to be a busy night with over  800 visitors to the building.

I spent the evening printing political broadsides covering the subject of Michael Gove’s second home expense claims and recent comments he made on last years rioters.

Visitors to Level 3 at 36 Lime Street were met with some stirring music and a well decorated corridor courtesy of the Coalition of Resistance.

Encouraged to leave messages, ideas and suggestions for Michael Gove, George Osborne, Nick Clegg and Phillip Green, there was no stopping the enthusiasm and inspiring comments.  I plan to transform these into an artist’s book some time in the future.

Discussions centred around job losses and pensions, with every visitor having some personal experience of loosing a job or knowing someone very close.  Ideas and discussions on how to tackle the austerity measures, looked to Obama (for some visitors), taxing the rich was high on the list and nationalising the banks.

The Late Shows continue tonight at 36 Lime Street with a FREE prize draw to visitors and the chance to win some amazing and beautiful art works.

I’ll be at The Lit & Phil with The Book Apothecary and a fantastic team of volunteers, there are drop in workshops with writers Stevie Ronnie and Susannah Pickering.  I’ll be offering a drop in session making folded books in a box.

The evening kicks of at 7pm. Next door the Mining Institute has floor to ceiling art work by a series of artists, definitely worth a look!

Lastly… did you know….

Thursday 14 June – 6.30-8pm – Royal Station Hotel (next to Newcastle Central Station) Organised by Coalition of Resistance, this rally will feature PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka and a number of other anti-cuts, anti-privatisation speakers. Stop regional pay – defen…d pensions – oppose privatisation in the NHS, education and across the public sector. This event will bring together a wide range of trade unions and campaign groups to address some of the biggest attacks we face. We need to co-ordinate our efforts to stop this weak, vicious government in its tracks. Speakers: Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary Paul Noble, Newcastle NUT assistant secretary Meriem Evans, student activist at Gateshead College plus speakers from Unison, UCU and Keep Our NHS Public

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