Two Thousand Insects @ The Lit & Phil

Two Thousand Insects refers to a reference made in Robert Spence Watson’s ‘The History of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1793-1896).

In his account of the development of the society and library, Watson refers to the Societies growing collection of natural history objects that range from Egyptian mummies, an Australian wombat and two thousand insects.

Easton takes this incident detail in Watsons account and creates a series of folded books containing at least two thousand insects and sets them into a wooden letterpress type tray, referencing the traditional craft of book making.

The work is an extension of an exploration of the two thousand insects phenomena made 2007 by Easton in which the work is presented as a series of screen printed glass pages and formed part of the Fragile Knowledge installation.

Glass pages, printed china cups, glass books and a hand printed Chap book, completed the exhibition displayed throughout the library shelves.

Especially editioned for the 2012 Late Shows @ The Lit &Phil, Easton has reproduced the Lit & Phil Chap Book which includes a reference to Two Thousand Insects and in true Chap Book style misspelt words.

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