The Late Shows @ 36 Lime Street this year plans to be an eventful night with a hands on drawing workshop in the gallery space and on Level 3 corridor,  I will be printing a series of political broadsides for visitors to take away (after leaving a cash donation for the Coalition of Resistance).

The Broadsides stand in the tradition of Thomas Spence, our local radical and pamphleteer born in Newcastle 1750.  His penny pamphlet, ‘The Real Rights of Man’ sets out a list of objectives including universal suffrage and the end off aristocracy.

Inspired by an article I came across on the Coalition website by Matt Carr, ‘Riots, materialism and the political elite’, Carr makes comparisons between the arrogant greed of Michael Gove and the  indoctrinated consumerism of the rioters.  In the spirit of the 36 Lime Street exhibition Incahoots, calling for collaboration, I decided to make a collaborative piece with the Coalition of Resistance.

In the gallery space at 36 Lime Street I will be exhibiting work influenced by the broadsides and conversations with Steve Marshal, a 36 Lime Street studio holder and longstanding union activist.

The Power of the Press is a reproduction of the woodcut published by Henry Hetherington, a radical British publisher from the 1820’s, who like many then, refused to pay the governments stamp duty on print. This tax was aimed at restricting the circulation of pamphlets and newspapers, a law that was brought in soon after the Peterloo Massacre of 1819.

Printed in 1820, ‘The Power of the Press’ refers to the political education of the working class at time when Government heavy taxes on print often resulted in imprisonment and fines for those refusing to pay the tax.

Contained within a wooden box and presented as a miniature library, are a series of small books and a key symbolising the potential to unlock.

A series of miniature books encased in a mini box have been donated to 36 Lime Streets Prize Drawer.  Visitors to the venue will have the chance to be entered into a FREE prize drawer with some fantastic and original prizes.  Check out the venue of both nights for further details.

Alongside ‘The Power of the Press’, is ‘Eat the Rich’ a piece that makes a direct reference to the political broadsides on display on Level 3.

The Late Shows marks the international event ‘Museums at Night’, which takes place across Europe. For further information visit www.culture24.org.uk/museumsatnight.


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