Turn The Page Artists’ Book Fair took place in Norwich at The Forum, Friday 4th & Saturday 5th May.

These were two busy days  spent meeting local residents, stall holders, visitors to the Forum and some visitors from further afield, coming to Norwich (like myself) for the first time.

The city is beautiful, with Tudor architecture visible throughout the city.  The Forum is an excellent venue for an artist’s book fair, with plenty of passing trade and opportunities to engage the public in discussion on the topic of the world of artists books, what they are and who makes them.

Imi Maufe, a visitor to the North East of England had a selection of work on display including this amazing 3-d alphabet, made completely out of paper!  I really liked the international feel with work on show by Beijing based artists taught by Sumi Perera and the work of Larissa Cox based in Vienna.

I was particularly keen to promote The Book Apothecary and even managed to talk to visitors about The Late Shows coming up.  I also spent time talking to Prue Dobinson, a member of the International Association of Hand papermakers and Paper Artists.  Prue very kindly lent me a number of books to look over the two days, very inspiring!

I exhibited a body of work connected to some research a carried out a few years ago looking at the work of Copernicus and the heliocentric system.  The work encompasses  printed books, silk-screen enamelled glass pages and framed monoscreenprints.

The organisers are getting geared up for next years book fair (2013) and asking for potential participants to email turnthepage2013@btinternet.com for further details.


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