Inchiostro is a collaboration of four makers based in Milan.

Marina Chiocchetta, Demis Marturano, Rossella Marino and Monica Rocca form the small publishing house, Inchiostro working with print, paper pulp and sculpture.

Inchiostro shortly be  exhibiting  work with the focus on collaboration and exchange,  at 36 Lime St, in July during the Ouseburn Festival 21st & 22nd July 2012.    Connecting with Milan based Inchiostro, Theresa Easton is interested in building on past collaborations with the artist Marina Chiocchetta.  A body of paper based works will evolve between the two parties, expanding into a visual dialogue and narrative.

Referencing the procedure in printmaking known as a’ ‘state’ each stage in the production process will be digitally recorded and exhibited alongside each finished piece.

Easton aims to set the theme of the production with references to the work of Rauschenberg, combining screen print, collage and painting. Semi-finished works and proofs will be emailed and posted to Milan to be altered by the Inchiostro team, who will in return post and email their work to be interpreted by Easton.  The form the work will take can be flexible, for example the paper could be transformed into an artist’s book, paper folded sculpture or wall based piece.

The artists are interested in transforming the Gallery space into a working studio with work-in-progress ideas being transformed into finished pieces during the exhibition using a portable printing press and drawing equipment.  Visitors to the gallery would be able to observe the collaboration process at first hand.


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